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  • Not a budget bootcamp, but a great value, quality team-based outdoor fitness class for all.
  • Not a franchised programme, but varied, personalised classes based on your ability and needs.
  • Not a faceless, numbers driven class, but personalised sessions tailored for you and your team mates.
  • Not just intense training, but rewarding, effective workouts as well as fun team games.

Welcome to the home of BioticFit Fitness, a Greater Manchester and Cheshire based health and fitness club community in Stockport, Sale, Salford and Manchester. Our expert team of outdoor fitness specialists run our outdoor  fitness classes every day of the week, mornings, evenings and weekends across Manchester as well as an independent strength and conditioning gym in Stockport and we want to meet you soon!

We provide a variety of quality outdoor fitness training classes in Manchester, Sale, Salford and Stockport as well as indoor circuit, strength and conditioning classes in our bioticGYM gym in Stockport, Cheshire, creating local fitness communities and giving a fun choice of different ways of getting fitter, stronger, happier and healthier, all in it together, no matter what level you are! We’re a team and it’s just about giving your best!

Class Types include specialist running coaching for all abilities, military style bootcamp fitness, circuit training, sports conditioning, yoga as well as a variety of other functional fitness training methods to keep you and your body guessing and progressing and fitness games and beginner sessions to get you having fun and meeting new people in Manchester!

For outdoor fitness class specialists in Sale, Manchester, Salford and Stockport, or for the bioticGYM in Stockport come and try our outdoor fitness and indoor fitness classes at our fantastic Manchester locations. Your first fitness session is completely free, just click the Try it for Free link for your complimentary session. If you would like to contact us with membership or general enquiries, please email or call 0161 477 9221. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Your local fitness community. At your local park.