Class Types

Outdoor Fitness Training for all

Our cross fitness training class programme in Manchester is designed for all abilities and includes running coaching, military style bootcamp classes, circuit training, yoga, get started fitness games classes as well as fitness classes that use a mixture of everything, from sports conditioning to martial arts fitness movements. Click on any of the class types below to learn more!

GetStartedFit -  Unsure where to start your fitness journey? Simply put: it begins here. Great fun, great motivation and a great place to begin your transformation. Meet the fitness community and enjoy yourself whilst building confidence with our fun fitness games.

ParkFit – ParkFit is a mixture of all the sessions we run! It is a great overview of techniques and exercises which we cover in RunFit, MilitaryFit and FlexiFit, covering aspects of other techniques from fightFit and circuitFit.

RunFit – RunFit is a running coaching class for everyone. It provides integrated and comprehensive techniques for improving running and confidence.

MilitaryFit – MilitaryFit provides a bootcamp style fitness workout like no other. It encourages teamwork and pushes you to achieve more from your body than you thought possible. But don’t worry: It does NOT involve shouting and screaming or pushing you further than you can go, just encouraging you to go further than you think you can.

FlexiFit Yoga – Not all fitness involves running, pressups, red faces and heavy breathing. With a focus on balance, core strength and development, flexibility and breathing, flexifit is a fun way to focus on these areas in a refreshing outdoor environment. For those returning from injury, starting fitness or simply looking to strengthen key areas to help with other training, flexifit is for you.

AbFit – Sometimes you just want to give those abs a good blast! A half hour intensive focus on developing your ab strength and muscles in a class suited for all abilities. Though you can’t spot reduce fat from any area, this workout will atleast ensure that those muscles are developed and ready for when the bodyfat does drop off

CircuitFit – An equipment based indoor session focusing on adding equipment and resistance to your cross fitness training programme! Flip tyres, throw medicine balls, hit things and pick things up! As with all our session, this 30 minute indoor class is for all abilities, focusing on explosive training and challenging fast twitch muscle fibres. It’s all about muscle confusion and giving the body a shock so it has no choice but to progress!