Nicola Ankers, Denton

I’m 35 years old and quite a shy person but have always been very active and like to do things such as hiking, travelling, all round sports. I wanted to do some form of training, as even though I was slim and generally active, I knew I wasn’t as fit as I could be. I did sometimes feel ‘sluggish’ in the mornings and would get out of breath sometimes hiking up steep hills.

So I decided to go to James’ fitness classes and realized how unfit I was as I found the sessions really tough, but because it was also fun, I decided to go back again and it became easier every week. I got to know James fairly well! James is very passionate about training , he pushed me to limits I didn’t even know I had. He also taught the whole group lots of techniques to improve the way we train.

I’ve known James for over a year now on and off the field and, although ‘on the field’ he is very tough and never let’s any of us get away with anything (I am sure he can see through trees!), ‘off the field’, he is a very considerate, funny and polite person. He seems to put his best effort into anything he does and is an excellent motivator.

As a result of training with James, I am a more confident, fitter and stronger person. If it hadn’t have been for him, I don’t think I would have got involved in as many social activities as I did, as I’m quite shy. He always made me feel welcome and included in any events that were organized and so I met lots of friends as a result. I will miss James very much – military fitness will not be the same.