Other Testimonials

Steph Sankey, Manchester.

James Clark is such a motivating trainer. Tough yet charming, always trying to push you to your limits. You want to do your best for him which means you get the most out of your workout!!!

Sessions are balanced, varied and most of all, great fun. You are bound to enjoy it.

Kenny Baird, Heaton Moor.

Training with James has really transformed my life; I wish I’d done it
years ago. He is really encouraging, offers great advice and pushes
you so that you can do things that just months ago sounded impossible.
The amount of help and advice he has given me and my friends on all
aspects of our fitness and nutrition is incredible. His training is
clear, structured, logical and achievable; not so easy that it does
not feel rewarding but not so hard that it feels daunting. I really
can’t recommend him highly enough, and on top of this, he’s a great
bloke too!

Jen Miller, Manchester

Training with James was recommended to me by some friends from work and at the time I’d just spent 12 weeks in plaster after badly breaking my wrist in January. I’d got out of the habit of exercising and had put on quite a lot of weight during that time so I was keen to try something new but also nervous about how unfit I’d become. From my first class James encouraged me and motivated me to come again even though I found the class unbelievably hard at the time! I’d always been fairly fit in the past and gone to the gym but I found it boring. The difference with these classes is the sense of community that’s involved. James always encouraged us to go for a cup of tea together afterwards and regular social events meant that I’d soon made new friends and looked forward to seeing them at the classes. Also little touches like James making the effort to learn everyone’s name (even though there are hundreds of us!) meant that I wasn’t just an anonymous face in a class. Within 4 months I’ve progressed from the beginners group to the advanced group, completed a military 10k run and I’m now signed up for a fell run, a half marathon and a marathon with the added bonus of having lost 2.5 stone!!! I think that speaks for itself in saying that James is a fantastic motivator and by keeping the classes varied and unpredictable he maintains interest to ensure that people keep coming week in week out. James it’s been a pleasure…keep up the good work!

Claire Roberts, Stockport

I hired James in 2008,again in 2009 and in 2010 and I am more than happy to recommend him!
I would strongly recommend training with James, he has the motivation, the passion and dedication for fitness like I have never seen before.
When I was younger I loved to run, running alongside Stockport Harriers, but due to social commitment I let all my fitness go out of the window, getting fit with James was a pleasure rather than a chore, he brought the excitement back and I really looked forward to going to his classes.
He is an expert in fitness and does a tailor made plan for the individual, James made each time enjoyable and I looked forward to attending the class, even if it was raining!!!
James was always punctual, consistent and reliable and creative with the sessions which made each and every session different.
I am looking forward to working with James in 2011!

Ben Robinson, Sale

I’ve known James since he began taking outdoor fitness classes in South Manchester and since that time he has been not only a great Instructor and trainer, but also a good friend. James brought his high levels of enthusiasm and dedication to the role and was able to constantly push and motivate everybody regardless of thier fitness levels. James delivered fantastic results and was always approachable and happy to give advice and guidance when necessary.

Dave Pickering, Timperley

James is highly professional in his work, and very knowledgeable in all things relative to fitness & nutrition.
James has a unique skill of making fitness training, enjoyable & fun!

* Prior to joining James for outdoor fitness classes, I did a lot of running so the outdoors element was an attraction.
* Whilst training with James he created a great team spirit, which encouraged us all to help & push each other.
* I learnt from James that you can push your own fitness, a lot further than thought possible, resulting in increased fitness and well being.
* James’s is always respectful to myself whilst training me, and leads training in a professional manner.
* In future outdoor events I will be taking part in, when the going gets tough, I will always remember how James would encourage me to keep pushing forward & reach my goals.

Denise Littlewood, Stockport

I came to know James when I attended an outdoor fitness class with him. James has a
strong and creative character. He knows what he wants and thus turns
the dreams I had to a reality. He is so dedicated to his work. He has deep and
detailed knowledge of the subject, a good listener, and an
excellent organiser and team player. With all this summed up, he has
been successfully in helping so many people in the group, coming out of their
sheltered corner and made them realise what they have been missing on; it’s about
enjoying life to the full with your family and friends and being the best of what you can be!