Jen Miller, Manchester

Training with James was recommended to me by some friends from work and at the time I’d just spent 12 weeks in plaster after badly breaking my wrist in January. I’d got out of the habit of exercising and had put on quite a lot of weight during that time so I was keen to try something new but also nervous about how unfit I’d become. From my first class James encouraged me and motivated me to come again even though I found the class unbelievably hard at the time! I’d always been fairly fit in the past and gone to the gym but I found it boring. The difference with these classes is the sense of community that’s involved. James always encouraged us to go for a cup of tea together afterwards and regular social events meant that I’d soon made new friends and looked forward to seeing them at the classes. Also little touches like James making the effort to learn everyone’s name (even though there are hundreds of us!) meant that I wasn’t just an anonymous face in a class. Within 4 months I’ve progressed from the beginners group to the advanced group, completed a military 10k run and I’m now signed up for a fell run, a half marathon and a marathon with the added bonus of having lost 2.5 stone!!! I think that speaks for itself in saying that James is a fantastic motivator and by keeping the classes varied and unpredictable he maintains interest to ensure that people keep coming week in week out. James it’s been a pleasure…keep up the good work!