MS, Didsbury

Before I met James, I was 2 stone overweight.  I’d heard a lot of positive things about James’ approach to nutrition and weight loss, so I thought I’d see what all the fuss was about.  I am now two stone lighter, and have kept the weight off for over 6 months.  I am confident this is how I will always be from now on.  I fluctuate within 1/2 – 1 lb either side of my target weight, because of the techniques James taught me.  James’ approach to nutrition centres around understanding food and how it affects your particular body.  That is how I am able to keep the weight off.  It’s not about obsessing over weighing scales.  That merely shifts the focus from what you are eating to statistics and numbers.

The other side of nutrition with James is talking.  Talking about how you feel, where you are in your life, where you want to be.  Or whatever is on your mind at the time.  Mood clearly affects eating habits, so to have someone to share you fears and aspirations, and to tell you it’s all possible and they will be there every step of the way makes you feel positive and ready to face the challenges ahead.  I was at a very low point when I met James.  My weight made me feel depressed more than I cared to admit, to the extent it affected my self confidence and self belief.  James’ positive approach left me believing in myself.  The hardest part of the journey is accepting you need help.  Once you’ve accepted this and consulted with James, with hard work and commitment, you can achieve any weight you want to be – you just need someone to help you along the way.

Today, I feel fabulous!  I couldn’t be happier or more confident, and I would recommend James to anyone!