Claire Roberts, Stockport

I hired James in 2008, 2009 and again in 2010 and I am more than happy to recommend him!
I would strongly recommend training with James, he has the motivation, the passion and dedication for fitness like I have never seen before.
When I was younger I loved to run, running alongside Stockport Harriers, but due to social commitment I let all my fitness go out of the window, getting fit with James was a pleasure rather than a chore, he brought the excitement back and I really looked forward to going to his classes.
He is an expert in fitness and does a tailor made plan for the individual, James made each time enjoyable and I looked forward to attending the class, even if it was raining!!!
James was always punctual, consistent and reliable and creative with the sessions which made each and every session different.
I am looking forward to working with James in 2011!