Chris Gray, Urmston

I first met James at the gym in 2008, when he encouraged me to enter an army fitness challenge and then trained me to compete and beat previous bests. At the time, I was finally recovering from a long lay off after a running injury and James instilled confidence in me and a sense of belief that I could return to full fitness and compete again in local races. He set me achievable targets and motivated me during workouts not to give up, to push myself and not be complacent.

James has an infectious enthusiasm and a real passion for sports and training which inspired me. He never let’s you give up on yourself and always wants you to be your best.

I have personal experience of working in the fitness industry and am presently studying for a degree in Applied Sports Science with Advanced Strength and Conditioning so I feel able to give a fair and honest assessment of his skills as a trainer. James has a polite, friendly and outgoing manner and exceptional customer service skills but is more importantly, driven and focussed.

He has an outstanding level of knowledge, not only from his military background and the qualifications he has gained, but his willingness to expand and further his knowledge and keep up to date with current scientific research which affects the industry and therefore, help his clients.

He especially has a great knowledge of circuit training. Believe me, you don’t need long if you are trying to fit the fitness into a tight schedule in; his use of plyometrics to build power and exhaust muscles had me even when we only had 5! I loved how he made his workouts sports specific to me.

Training with James made me more confident and encouraged me to push myself and get the most out of my training and he relates well to all levels of fitness and ages. I would definitely recommend James to anyone looking to train and make the most out of their time. In my opinion, he is the best trainer I’ve ever had, a great person and now also a great friend.

Training with James has effected me positively and has resulted in me planning my workouts more and monitoring my progress. He made me more focused in the gym and I have seen great results from his methods. Thanks James!