Celebrity Entourage Package

Celebrity fitness training

Have you ever glanced at a magazine cover or switched over your TV channel only to notice your favourite ‘recently overweight’ celebrity looks effortlessly lean, toned and happy?

Of course, the look is far from effortless. Like anything worth attaining in life, it took hard work and the determination to execute an intelligent plan.

And of course, behind the scenes, an encouraging trainer and nutritionist.

It’s too easy for us to use the barriers to achieving our health and fitness goals as an excuse for not endevouring to reach them. And the most common barrier is time management and a busy schedule.

Whether you are moving from location to location, self-employed or seemingly too busy to feature training and sensible nutrition into your hectic lifestyle, bioticfit is proud to offer you an executive solution.

The Celebrity Entourage package is exactly that – the luxurious opportunity to be accompanied by your lifestyle guru, ensuring you can still train and eat to look and feel fabulous, whatever time burdens life imposes.

24 hour dietary consultation, sharp, intense cardiovascular and resistance training, flexibility and relaxation programme all configured to suit your lifestyle. Indulge in the attention your body and mind deserve.

Remember, it’s a choice. To receive more information on our packages fill in the form below and email fitness@bioticfit.com.