Salford Quays PT

Looking for a personal trainer or core and body conditioning specialist fitness trainer in Salford or Manchester? Look no further than a Bioticfit personal fitness instructor!

Bioticfit fitness training covers Salford, Sale, Stretford, Manchester city centre, Trafford, Altrincham, Chorlton, Deansgate, Trafford in fact most of Manchester and Salford so wherever you live in the Manchester area, Bioticfit can be available to train with you in your local park or garden or even get toned in the comfort of your own home. Let’s meet a Trainer!

Hi, I’m a Trainer, an advanced level three Personal Trainer specialising in postural analysis, core conditioning, yoga and Pilates in the Salford and Manchester areas. I offer my services to outdoor fitness bootcamp Bioticfit in Cheadle, with whom I am also a Bioticfit personal trainer covering all of Manchester.

After a lifetime of enjoying different types of exercise fitness training, such as running, yoga, Pilates and outdoor fitness, I recently made the choice to help other people lead healthier, happier and longer lives and feel all the benefits that I have felt on my own fitness journey! I have recently teamed up with outdoor fitness specialist James Clark to run outdoor fitness classes in Cheadle, Cheshire offering my own specialities in good form and posture, as well as offering many of his clients a chance to build a great foundation on which to build the rest of their training safely, injury and niggle free. With an Advanced Diploma in Personal Training, my knowledge and experience in this specialised area will ensure you get the results you want.

With such a high percentage of fitness clients suffering back and joint problems, I have made it my goal to ensure future comfort by improving posture through careful analysis, core body work, Pilates and yoga in order to build a strong foundation for the rest of their training.

Specialising in core body work and postural assessment, my personal training services are designed to help you take responsibility for your own health and fitness through enjoyable exercise and healthy eating.