ParkFit – Outdoor cross Fitness


BioticFit’s signature outdoor group fitness class, providing a variety of fitness training styles in one fitness class, from running fitness, sports specific fitness, fitness games, bodyweight exercises, circuit training and fitness drills from martial arts and combat sports all at our Cheadle based Stockport health and fitness club, Cheshire or alternatively at our Winton Park club in between Worsley and Eccles in Salford.

BioticFit is a cross-fitness training fitness class programme in Stockport and Salford, running group fitness classes aimed at all abilities, promoting fun and social ways of getting fit in our fitness community and ensuring muscle confusion by making sure no class is ever the same twice! This keeps you progressing and keeps you having fun and staying motivated!

ParkFit is the perfect outdoor fitness class to test a large array of components of fitness, from running to strength to cardiovascular, balance to coordination, agility to acceleration. This is your local fitness community in your local park. Get outside and enjoy the outdoors in a positive and healthy way with people with the same goals as you.

For Outdoor Fitness classes in Cheadle, Cheshire, Stockport and Greater Manchester, check out our ParkFit Outdoor Fitness class at the BioticFit Fitness Community in Cheadle. Or alternatively, at Winton Park between Worsley and Eccles in Salford.