MilitaryFit – Bootcamp Fitness


an intense but rewarding all ability outdoor group fitness bootcamp style fitness class at BioticFit, Manchester, Stockport, Sale, Salford and Tameside.

MilitaryFit is NOTabout ex-military, British army physical fitness training instructors shouting and screaming at you!

At BioticFit Outdoor Fitness in Manchester, MilitaryFit is a fun and rewarding outdoor fitness class for all abilities. As with all our fitness classes it’s about you giving your personal 100%, we can’t ask or expect anymore! And thus with every challenging workout, you will leave Cheadle, Sale, Winton or Tameside feeling amazing knowing that you gave this bootcamp style fitness your all and enjoyed it with your fellow Bioticfitters.

MilitaryFit IS about team endeavour, pulling together and helping your team through the joint challenge of completing the fitness class and the individual details. This bootcamp style military fitness session is run by professional ex-army training instructors who promote positive motivation, great fitness form as a priority and a huge sense of self-worth for those taking part. All fitness classes are outdoors in a refreshing, motivating and sustainable green environment and you are surrounded by a fitness community of all abilities to motivate you and make you feel welcome.

Expect body-weight exercises in all their variations and progressions, team challenges carrying and assembling equipment as you travel and use the expanse and features of this gorgeous park and most of all, encouragement from your friendly physical fitness instructors.

For military fitness and bootcamp style outdoor fitness classes in Manchester, Stockport, Salford, Sale or Tameside check out the BioticFit Fitness Community and our cross fitness training fitness class programme at Abney Hall Park, Cheadle in Stockport, Winton Park, Worsley/Eccles in Salford, Crossford Bridge Sports Ground, Sale or Ryecroft Hall Park, Audenshaw, Tameside.