Membership Terms

1. The is no minimum membership term with BioticFit outdoor fitness classes!
Cancellation and suspension
2. You may cancel your membership at any time, since you pay by standing order a month in advance, just end your standing order for the month you wish to cancel. Please give notice of this cancellation by email. A confirmation of your cancellation will be emailed to you.
Payment terms
3. Your first payment will be paid by cheque written to BIOTICFIT, which will equal a pro-rata sum of the remaining days left in the month.
4. You are then obliged to set up a standing order from the 1st of the next month, always ensuring you are paying your membership a month in advance.
5. Payments that are not received for whatever reason will terminate your membership for that month until standing order is received.
Pay as you train
6. You can also pay as you train by bringing a cheque made payable to BIOTICFIT to each class you attend at the appropriate tariff.
Refund policy
7. Membership refunds are not given other than in case of error on our part.
8. If you are injured and unable to train please contact us immediately by email informing us that you will be pausing your standing order, then inform us when you wish to restart your membership and set up the direct debit to regain membership.
Training conditions
9. You may train at any BioticFit location in the country so long as your membership is paid up to date.
10. Members must be 16 years or over