Corporate Membership

How do I qualify for a corporate membership?

Setting up a corporate membership for your workplace, your business or even for a group of friends looking to get fit and have fun together, is easy!

Save yourself and your friends/work colleagues or employees the equivilent of 2 months full membership per year by following these simple steps!

For Companies

  • Have your company’s details and HR contact information to hand.
  • Ensure there is interest from atleast 10 of you!
  • Fill in the health questionnaire and attend your free trial class.
  • Make sure you add your work email.
  • If you all decide to join the community, your company will automatically receive a corporate membership!
  • We will ask you to like our facebook community and link it into your company facebook as a discount.
  • We will ask to be linked on your company website or staff intranet.
  • We will ask for literature to be added to your staff areas and new employee packs.
  • Future members will simply have to provide a work email/HR email to receive the corporate discount.

For Groups of Friends

  • Ensure there is plenty of interest!
  • Pick a fun and unique name for your group!
  • Nominate a member of your group to be the official Bioticfit rep.
  • Fill in your health questionnaire and attend your free trial class.
  • If 10 of you decide to join, you will automatically qualify for a corporate discount.
  • It will be the responsibility of the Bioticfit rep to maintain 10 members in their group, or lose the discount.
  • Groups are limited to 10 members per rep.

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