Kristina – Yoga Instructor

Yoga in Cheadle Stockport

Yoga in Cheadle

Hello everybody! I’m Kristina and I’m introducing my Rock The Mat yoga to the fitness class community in Cheadle, Stockport! For yoga in Cheadle, join us for an hour in Abney Hall Park, Cheadle for Bioticfit’s Flexifit class, great for those looking to add to the cross fitness training classes you already do in Cheadle with Bioticfit or for those looking to progress and develop their own yoga in the Cheadle area. Wrap up warm, bring you mats and join the fun on Thursday evenings in Cheadle for my yoga!

Yoga is present in every part of my life. It determines how I see the world, how I treat others and how I behave. My daily physical Yoga practice on the mat is my steady rock in this chaotic world and it is my dream to share this experience with others, especially the Bioticfit Fitness Class Community in Cheadle, Manchester.

I gained my 300+ hours Vibrant Living Yoga teacher certificate in Bali and have had the honour to practice there with many inspiring teachers such as Daniel Aaron (Vibrant Living Yoga), Rusty Wells (Bhakti Flow), Ron Reid and Marla Meenakshi Joy (both Ashtanga Yoga), Olap Arpipi (Iyengar Yoga), Edward Clark (Tripsichore Yoga)  and Steven Weiss (Chiro Yoga).

Furthermore, I had the pleasure to attend  workshops with Sharon Gannon and David Life (both Jivamukti Yoga) as well as David Swenson and Manju Patthahbi Jois (both Ashtanga Yoga). Aside from the workshops I also completed David Swenson’s 40-Hour Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Intensive, all of which will contribute to the yoga classes in Cheadle.

In addition to these acclaimed Yoga teachers, I have met countless extraordinary teachers in my life, yogic and not yogic, and am meeting more every single day.  I am constantly learning. Just like all of your Bioticfit instructors, you benefit from our process!

I have lived in Germany, France and England, and am trying to see as much of the world as possible. It is my firm belief that travelling teaches us many important lessons and reduces prejudices. I love teaching yoga for Bioticfit in Cheadle!

My degrees in Literature helps in my study of yogic texts, which is a solid part of my yoga practice.

I love music, and despite my avid love for rock music, I am an admirer of softer sounds, yogic music and Kirtan. Music can be integrated nicely into the Yoga practice. This is my passion.

Peace and Love, Kristina.