Indoor Class – CircuitFit & AbFit

Although Bioticfit is primarily an outdoor fitness community, it is our mission to provide as much variety and choice as we can and eliminate all excuses! We also provide the below indoor fitness class options as part of our extensive group fitness programme. All we ask is that you bring an additional £1 to each of these fitness classes you attend.

AbFit – Sometimes you just want to give those abs a good blast! A short intensive fitness focus on developing your ab strength and muscles in a fitness class suited for all fitness abilities. Though you can’t spot reduce fat from any area, this workout will atleast ensure that those muscles are developed and ready for when the bodyfat does drop off!

CircuitFit – An equipment based indoor fitness session focusing on adding equipment and resistance to your cross fitness training programme! Flip tyres, throw medicine balls, hit things and pick things up! As with all our session indoor fitness class is for all fitness abilities, focusing on explosive training and challenging fast twitch muscle fibres. It’s all about muscle confusion and giving the body a shock so it has no choice but to progress!

For all of our current indoor fitness locations in Manchester, click the links below, which also include directions.