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FlexiFit Yoga

BioticFit is committed to a full cross fitness training programme to develop all attributes and progress a variety of components of fitness. Flexifit is a varied yoga class programme in Cheadle, run by Kristina from Rock the Mat yoga. Whether FlexiFit yoga in Cheadle is in addition to your cross fitness training class programme in Stockport, or for those just wishing to improve and progress their yoga in Cheadle, FlexiFit is the perfect opportunity to unwind in a perfect natural environment in Abney Hall Park.

Kristina will tailor your Yoga class specifically to the needs of the class. She teaches an energetic, flowing Vinyasa Yoga class, suitable for all abilities, focusing on the physiological problems of a typical Westerner (for example tight hamstrings, back pain, a stiff neck, overweight, sleep-problems and stress.) Kristina also teaches Ashtanga Yoga (The Primary Series). She loves teaching a more traditional Ashtanga class without music when in Abney Hall Park Cheadle, using the sound of nature as the class backdrop, to relax the mind and body. Kristina is always happy to discuss yogic philosophy in her classes for those who wish to learn and progress. Kristina’s yoga classes are unpredictable and varied, as all Bioticfit classes should be, keeping your body and mind guessing and improving. And just like all Bioticfit classes, the team and Kristina should share atleast one laugh!

Yoga classes in Cheadle

Cheadle Ashtanga Yoga

10 good reasons to start Yoga in Cheadle.

  • 1.Yoga decreases stress.
  • 2.Yoga strengthens your muscles.
  • 3.Yoga makes the body flexible.
  • 4.Yoga heals through detoxification.
  • 5.Yoga boosts weight loss (if you want it to).
  • 6.Yoga prevents diseases.
  • 7.Yoga strengthens the body’s resistance.
  • 8.Yoga is fun.
  • 9.Yoga helps you to connect better with your surroundings.
  • 10. Yoga rocks.

*There are so many more reasons to do Yoga, believe me! You will find your own reasons to come back to the mat over and over again. Bring your mats and hoodies and join us at Abney Hall Park for Flexifit yoga in Cheadle.