CSC Group Programme

Circuits, Strength and Conditioning Programme (CSC)

Join an encouraging team of friends in a motivating fitness environment and make progress together! Our CSC Group Programme is a cost effective  way of achieving the kind of results one to one personal training brings. Working in small teams, you will warm up together, get strong together, partner up and then smash circuit based conditioning together!


This fitness programme is progressive; we monitor and track your strength gains so you can see progress session by session. The programme is structured, once you’ve completed your lifts, conditioning begins! With a variety of techniques from circuit training to high intensity interval training (HIIT) from bodyweight exercises to using equipment!

We use a variety of equipment, from kettle bells and weights, to prowlers and sledges, from sledgehammers and tyres, to battling ropes and gymnastic rings, as well as focusing on calisthenics, bodyweight exercises and functional movements.

Want to try a class? First session is FREE! We do a drop in rate of £10 so come and see what it’s all about!