Why BioticYoga will improve your life :)

Why BioticYoga makes your life better

At BioticFit we believe in cross training. Doing different types of exercises and challenging different muscle groups keeps the body ‘on its toes’ and prevents injury.

BioticYoga is so different to the other Biotic Fit classes, that it opens a whole new range of fitness and challenges.

The more mindful approach to movement in Yoga teaches you a super high level of body awareness, which will become a useful skill off the Yoga mat, too. You will be able to read your body’s messages better and gain a refined proprioception. This way you can perform other activities in a safe and more effective way.


The focus on flexibility in Yoga is crucial for any athlete, who’s strength training has left the muscles tight. Saying ‘I am not flexible enough to do Yoga’ is like saying ‘ I am too dirty for a bath’ – how ever your pose might look in comparison to the crazy flexible p

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erson on the mat next to you – as long as you feel a stretch, you are creating space where there was none before. The increase in flexibility will improve your performance in other sporty disciplines and enhance your life quality through better posture and release from tension.

Yoga is not just flexibility, though. A balanced Yoga practice will also strengthen you immensely. Especially when you are new to the poses, you might be surprised how much strength is involved in them and how many different small and big muscles you have to use. Yoga strengthens all over!

Yoga is breathing, especially our Biotic Yoga classes, which contain a lot of ‘Vinyasa’-movements (=connecting the breath and the movement efficiently), can increase your cardiovascular abilities and lung volume. And because moving in the rhythm of your breath is a moving meditation, your mind gets a break, too. A regular Yoga practice with Biotic will increase your concentration and your stress resistance.

The benefits of meditation are well known, but even though we know them, the struggle with sitting still for even five minutes each day, keeps us from getting into a meditation practice. Come to Biotic Yoga and have your cake and eat it, too! You are working your body and your mind at the same time.

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Yoga will change your view on challenge. Whether you struggle more with flexibility or whether it is the strength poses that are your nemesis – you will and should encounter some form of challenge at some point or other in your Yoga practice. Instead of just beasting through it, though – you know, biting your teeth and get on with it – Yoga teaches you an ease when approaching challenge. Take a deep breath, and surprise yourself when you find out how much more you are capable off. You will find that bringing the mind into a state of ease will get you through all kinds of challenges – not just on your Yoga mat.

You are allowed to enjoy your work-out! Sometimes, fighting your way through a tough session can bring about the most exhilarating feelings, but in Yoga we are trying a different approach. The ease I mentioned above, allows you to enjoy your practice, have a good time! There is way more chance you come back for more if you managed to love your practice. And in Biotic Yoga it is even okay to have a laugh sometimes. Life’s too short for taking every thing so serious all the time!

And then there are the Yoga super powers. You heard me! Yoga poses can fix a bloaty stomach, shake off that runny nose or that headache that has been annoying you for days, or help you to get rid of those last relentless pounds, you’ve been wanting to loose for ages. A regular Yoga practice can help you sleep and even help you heal from an injury or surgery. Let us know what your needs are, and we can tailor your Biotic Yoga practice specifically to you!

So, a regular Biotic Yoga practice makes you more flexible, stronger, it de-stresses you, increases your performance in other sports and in general life. Biotic Yoga helps you to detox, and makes you a happier and healthier you – so there is really just one question left to ask:

When can we welcome you to one of our Biotic Yoga sessions?

Biotic Yoga Instructor, Kristina Hohage December 2013

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