Why Bioticfit classes are perfect fitness preparation for your upcoming adventure race!

Why Bioticfit Outdoor Fitness Classes are perfect fitness preparation for your upcoming adventure race!

Looking to get yourself fit for your upcoming adventure race? Whether you are training for Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Rat Race, Born Survivor, Total Warrior, Tough Guy or any other adventure race in the UK, it can be tough to know how best to get you and your team fit for these types of races. What kind of fitness best prepares you for an obstacle race?

This isn’t marathon fitness training after all… it isn’t all about the running and yet many of these obstacle courses are staggered over good distances. At the same time, the courses are often not just one big obstacle course in sequence and therefore, it is very very important your training doesn’t just consist of strength training.

Another consideration is that many of these adventure races require a completely different type of fitness training… teamwork! Have you bonded with your team mates enough to get each other through the race, no matter what the range of fitness levels that make up your team. With obstacle and adventure runs becoming a more and more popular choice for companies and businesses as a form of team building or fundraising, it is unlikely that all participants are exactly the same fitness levels. Some of you will be strong in some areas, and others strong in others but ultimately, it’s important that you can gel and work as a team and overcome the challenge together and in good humour.


So why is Bioticfit outdoor fitness class training perfect fitness training for adventure and obstacle race teams coming from in and around Manchester?

Well, let’s first consider the themes that cross over…

1) Our fitness classes run outside, no matter what the weather! It is very unlikely that running on a treadmill is going to prepare you for scrambling up muddy banks, crawling under and through obstacles whether in the blistering heat or biblical storms. At Bioticfit, we train outside no matter what the weather, perfect preparation for multi-terrain training and running and building the strength and confidence in the right areas to work in any environment and condition.

2) Our fitness classes are all about team work! We pride ourselves on having a fun and friendly fitness community that is wholly supportive, no matter what your fitness levels. Although our classes are challenging, we encourage an ethos of just giving your best and working together to get the most from your sessions. Many of our outdoor fitness exercises use team games, partner details and friendly team competition to encourage a positive environment where all can benefit by just giving their best at every class. This is perfect for team-building in the run up to an adventure race as often, you are required to pull together to complete a series of fitness challenges or games, working together to get the most from the fitness session and ultimately, is a great way of bonding with your team mates.

3) Our fitness classes involve lots of interval training! There is no better way of replicating the type of fitness training you need for your adventure race than by attending Bioticfit fitness classes. Part of this is because we are a cross fitness training club working on lot’s of different areas of fitness to improve all fitness attributes. Every outdoor fitness class is different and tends to involve a lot of interval training that replicates the type of fitness requires to get you through an adventure race. This is because any running and cardio based fitness, perfect for improving your cardio stamina for covering the required distance, is broken up by lot’s of different types of training, whether resistance based condition or bodyweight exercises perfect for helping you clamber up obstacles and support the weight of you and your team mates. Because of the start and stop nature of an adventure race, it is important your body learns to transition between high intensity training and using strength and resistance, whether for yourself or for helping your team. Bioticfit replicates this adventure race fitness perfectly.

4) Bioticfit Fitness Community enter teams for obstacle races regularly, including instructors! We encourage members of our fitness community in manchester to get involved in these team adventure races as they encourage camaraderie and inclusiveness, all important elements of our outdoor fitness classes. Not only this, but our outdoor fitness instructors also enter these adventure races and therefore, know what it takes to get fit for Tough Mudder or Rat Race and the other adventure races you may be planning on getting involved in.

Not sure whether an adventure race is for you? Well, if you attend Bioticfit, you will quickly learn that everyone is capable of giving their best and that is all that is required for any of these fitness challenges. They are about having fun, doing something different and bonding with other people mad enough to give it a go.

We have instructors running adventure race specific fitness training for obstacle courses right now, so if you live in Manchester, feel free to join us for a complimentary taster session and see what Bioticfit is all about! Or if you’re looking for private fitness preparation for your obstacle race for your team only, we’re happy to run a series of one off sessions to prepare you for your specific adventure race. Just enquire!

We look forward to meeting you and your team soon!