“Where’s Your Mojo?” blog plus Winter Key Dates

Where’s your mojo? – A Biotic Blog from Neil Gallagher Dec 13

Have you ever got stuck in a rut with your training?  You aren’t alone, not by a long shot! There’s a laundry list of potential reasons, but I want to look at motivation.

Motivation is what carries us, and pushes us forward to our goals, whether they are fitness related, career based or otherwise.

But what happens when that sub 3 hour marathon stops looking like a good idea? Or that bonus at work doesn’t seem worth the effort?

Motivation comes from a number of sources and to make consistent progress in anything, we must use as many sources as possible.  That way if one wanes, the others remain!

What do I mean?  Let’s look at the main motivating forces!

The most well known? Carrot and stick.  Sales businesses use these tools to great effect.  “Make x sales and you get a reward” but “if you don’t make at least y sales, you’re fired”.  As an external source of motivation this works quite well, action gains reward, inaction = punishment.  We even use it ourselves in classes, effort is rewarded and slacking is….not!

But what happens if the the reward isn’t great enough? Or the reprimand  isn’t severe enough?  What gets you out of that middle ground?

Achievement!  Are you aiming for your first 5k? Triathlon? Tough Mudder? Even your first Milfit session? Or have you done several of these and now you want a quicker time? Or a smaller clothes size?
These are milestones, finite and measurable, and if used alone, the motivation is also finite.  A realised goal often brings about the end of people’s journey.  Think of fad diets, people are very motivated to lose weight, when they hit their target, they finish, go back to their old ways and end up back where they started!

This ties in with the next stage of motivation; growth.  If you learn to use achievements as milestones, rather than finish lines, you improve, develop, and surpass all expectations!

This is where motivation becomes an internal driving force, where it becomes instinctual, and will help carry you forward even when your goals seem to be far in the distance, the takeaway menu is more inviting than the hob, or the sofa looks better than the Parkfit session!

Even with all this, it’s worth noting that motivation doesn’t need to be a lone affair.  Like minded people will help keep you on track, when you struggle they will help you carry the load, when they struggle, you are there for them!

All the external motivators: fear, incentive, achievement, these come and go, may motivate you one day and not the next.  However if you combine these with that internal drive to be better, there’s no telling where Bioticfit can lead you!

We want you to stay motivated, and we, the instructors, (and other members) will give you all the help we can with external motivation, it’s up to you to take that step and become the perfect version of you!

Key Dates in December

4th December – Winter Games, Sale

11th December – Winter Games, Sale

14th December – Bioticfit Christmas Party, The Grinch, Manchester

18th December – Winter Games Finale plus post session social (The Bridge)



All other sessions will continue as per usual!