Wednesday Winter Games: Rules Pack v1

Wednesday Winter Games: The Rules

What are the Wednesday Winter Games? The Wednesday Winter Games are a series of special Bioticfit team based fitness sessions running through December to celebrate the coming of the best time of year to train, the fitness season!

Where will they will held? The Wednesday Winter games will take place at Crossford Bridge Sports Ground, Sale, our most central outdoor fitness location.

When will they be held? There are three special sessions, warm ups starting at 6pm on the 4th December, 11th December with the final session being the 18th December. Each session will last approximately an hour to an hour and a half.

Will there be a normal Bioticfit Outdoor Fitness session on a Wednesday? Yes, the 7.30pm class at Sale will be a Parkfit session as always. We encourage all Winter Games participants to do both and get the most from these three special Wednesdays!

Getting Started

Getting started for the Winter Games is simple.

  1. Organise a team of four
  2. Think up a team name
  3. Register your team no later than midnight 1st December (email with above details)

What if I can’t find a team but want to be involved?  Don’t worry, you can still join in! Email me regardless that you wish to be involved and we will make sure you have a team on the night!

I can’t come to all three Wednesdays but can make one or two, can I still join in? Absolutely! Again, email me to let me know when you’re planning on coming down and we will make sure you have a team for that evening.

I’m not a member at Bioticfit, can i join in? Yes you can! And all three of those sessions are completely complimentary. Feel free to join a team of Bioticfitters or even create a team of non-Bioticfitters, you are more than welcome!

What Do The Winter Games Consist Of?

Each of the three nights will consist a themed series of team events, ranging from command tasks, to physical challenges, usually a combination of both and more. Teams will compete against each other to earn points, which will be calculated on a leader board  on the final Wednesday.

Wednesday 4th December – Punishing Puzzles! Aching brains and aching bodies as teams work together to solve puzzles that are both physically and mentally demanding. Communication, patience AND urgency all required in bundles! Each task lasts approximately 15 minutes.

1) Tyring Tower Tyre Test – A progressive team relay requiring team members to solve the conundrum of the tyre tower before them.

2) Knot me! – A team communication detail with a Bioticfit twist. If you have not solved the puzzle within 30 seconds, you restart… but not before completing your forfeits! Like the waves coming up the beach, you must try and get a bit further each time!

3) Ring of fire – Get those legs burning as you complete a team challenge whilst holding the squat position before running out to multiple stations to complete the same.

4) I’ve got your back – Team accumulative exercise to see which team gets the most repetitions before the time is up.

Wednesday 11th December – Bioticfit CFT (combat fitness test)

A reservist combat fitness test. Teams must complete a 4 mile route as a team no faster than 55 minutes and no slower than 60 minutes, with each team mate being required to bring a backpack carrying weight. There are two sets of points to be scored from this challenge. The first, being highest points to lowest for the order you arrive. The second being the total weight your team transports around the route, which will remain secret to other teams until the challenge is completed.

Note: Each individual MUST bring their own suitable backpack and can use whatever they wish to add weight to the bag. We advise your carry something between 8kg and 25kg, but listen to your body. Your team will declare the weight to the instructor in secret, who will weigh each bag (so make sure you have weighed them before you arrive) And once declared, the team MUST finish with the same weight at the end, even if the weight has to be further shared if a team mate is struggling. Packs will be reweighed at the end. NOTE: Try and pack your rucksacks safely and comfortably, distributing weight as evenly as possible.

This challenge is again about working as a team to complete a task. You must decide how ambitious you wish to be with the weight you carry a (excuse the pun) weigh up the balance between the weight you carry and completing the course competitively and safely. Please also bring a torch as although we will stick to lit areas, it is likely we will be managing the teams from the front and back.

Wednesday 18th December – Head to Head

The final day will consist of a series of mini head to heads between the teams that will form a mini-league which will contribute towards the overall scoring!

1) Tug of War Tournament – Each team will play off against each other in best of threes, with winning teams being given press-up handicaps to even the challenge the more contests we have!

2) Keep ball Tournament – Teams will have to accumulate a certain number of passes between their team without the ball being intercepted. Winner stays on format with points for each game won over a period of time!

3) Clockface questions – Teams will be asked a series of quick fire questions whilst holding positions in a clock face. Each correct answer will move one team mate to a lower position, with there being four phases to get your teams of six through! Collapse? You will force your team mates back to the starting position! Once your team has moved through all four phases, you will finish, with the game continuing until all teams have completed.

4) Carrot or the stick – Final team challenge, with teams having to communicate to lower “The Stick” without dropping it! Each successful lowering, results in a chance to progress your team forward to another step, competing against the other teams to see who can finish first!


NOTE: Some of the above challenges are deliberately vague, to stop the more competitive of you from preparing too much in the run up! Just turn up and enjoy!

What do we need to bring? It is important you bring warm clothing, gloves and hats for the more cerebral challenges and for in-between challenges. Bring some waterproofs just in case, plastic bags and bin liners, as well as warm, dry clothes for after the session. For the combat fitness test, bring a weighted rucksack and a torch! And most of all, bring a sense of humour and a smile.

Point Scoring

Whilst the specific details of the point scoring won’t be released, progress the most in as many challenges as possible and it is likely you will gain more points for your teams! These will make up a league table at the end of the Winter Games!

Bonus Points – Bonus points will awarded for the following;

  1. Points for the most creative, child friendly team names. Points for second and third.
  2. Points for each team member who signed up at a different fitness venue (Sale, Salford, Stockport, Tameside)
  3. Points if your team contains a non-bioticfitter.
  4. Points if your team has both male and female members.
  5. Points if all starting and named team members participate in all three sessions.
  6. Points per team member who stays per 7.30pm session after the Games.
  7. Points if your team dress code is distinctive and stands out.

More bonus points may be awarded in secret!


As you all know, points equal prizes! Everyone will receive a special certificate for taking part.

Third Place – An “I came third in the Bioticfit Winter Games 2013 ” certificate and a drink from me at celebratory final day drinks at The Bridge Inn.

Second Place - An “I came second in the Bioticfit Winter Games 2013” certificate and a drink from me at celebratory final day drinks at The Bridge Inn.

First Place – A team trophy with your team name immortalised and engraved onto it forever more plus an an “I came first in the Bioticfit Winter Games 2013” certificate, a drink from me at celebratory final day drinks at The Bridge Inn AND a “Wednesday Winter Games Winners ’13” wicking training top!

All of this is good fun and gives us even more to look forward to this fitness season so look forward to seeing you all get stuck in!

Post Winter Games Celebration Drinks

Join us at the Bridge Inn on 18th December for a cheeky pre-Christmas drink, whether you’ve attended our Winter Games or not :)