Timetable Tweaks at Winton and Abney

BioticFit is not a product, it’s a process! It’s a process of taking an individual’s fitness from position A (where you are now) to position B (where you aspire to be!) It’s a process of changing attitudes towards fitness training and how to achieve all of your fitness and health goals. It’s a process of showing you all that effective fitness training can be fun, that you can meet like minded people from all different backrounds and work together towards shared goals, whatever your perceived ability level. It’s a process of training you to demand more from yourself, to educate you about how to change your lifestyle and train smart as well as hard.

It’s also a process in terms of the development of your fitness instructors and our classes! Our team are constantly planning new sessions, researching varied fitness details that focus on various different attributes within our cross fitness training mentality. We regularly watch each other and critique one and other on our own personal journey to develop as fitness trainers and coaches. We regularly hold training days and team meetings to discuss how we can improve, not only to keep the standard high but to keep evolving, with the Bioticfitters benefitting as a result.

And your feedback is vital for us to continue to do this. Your feedback has always been priceless with regards to moulding the class timetable. Inevitably, on the journey to design a perfect class schedule that fits in with the majority and enables the greatest percentile of members to train, we will  have to nip and tuck classes which aren’t attended as often and find them new homes.

Thank you to everybody who has contributed with feedback. The new changes that come as we head towards the best time of year to train, the fitness season, are thanks to your taking ownership of your fitness community. Well done to everybody who has been spreading the word – keep it up, free t-shirts are still available!

Below are some of the changes we will be seeing as of 1st September 2012! Enjoy!

  • Winton Wednesday at 7pm will become a MilitaryFit, followed by an optional, weather dependent 10-15 minute AbFit blast.
  • Winton Thursday at 7pm will become a RunFit running coaching session.
  • Winton ParkFit on Saturday at 10am will be followed by an optional, weather dependent 10-15 minute AbFit blast.
  • Abney Wednesday session will be condensed to a 6.30pm ParkFit session.
  • Abney Friday session will be condensed to a 6.30pm ParkFit session (with instructor discretion to include MilitaryFit)
  • Abney Sundays will become two sessions instead of three, with RunFit replacing ParkFit at 12. No 2pm class.
  • Optional 10-15 minute AbFit between GetStartedFit and RunFit on Tuesday night at Abney.
  • Optional 10-15 minute AbFit between CircuitFit and FlexiFit on Thursday night at Abney.
  • Optional 10-15 minute AbFit after Saturday 10am ParkFit at Abney.
  • Meeting point on Thursday evenings at Abney will be at the main hall, NOT the scout hut.
  • Thursday evenings at Abney will become a 6.15pm hour long CircuitFit and an hour FlexiFit yoga from 7.30pm.

If you are unsure of any of the above, please feel free to ask on our facebook page.

Alternatively, both of our timetables have been edited so check here for Winton or here for Abney.

Keep working with me to make BioticFit even more awesome. Give feedback, spread the word and bring friends and talk about us on facebook and twitter and let’s continue to build the world’s greatest fitness community!