The Fitness Season is here! Winter timetable from 01/11/13 plus tips!

That’s right, you heard it from me first. The greatest time of year to train is almost here and as always, your Bioticfit team is on hand to make sure you get the most from the 2013/2014 Fitness Season!

What is the Fitness Season?

The great majority of people hold the misconception that the best time of year for training outdoors is the Summer. Sure, it sounds attractive; Sunshine and blue skies… shorts t-shirts… Hold on, that was the Costa Del Sol, not Costa del Salford or the Riviera Manchester anyway! When are we not training when it’s cooler!?

Luckily, your fitness coaches know better! :)

Summer brings trips abroad, school holidays, weekends away, weddings, BBQ’s… pub gardens. All the distractions you can think of that don’t exactly aid your decision to train hard and train regular.

Besides, you have all been sweating in a class in the Sunshine. It is a simple fact that Sunshine slows you down and makes it harder to get the group through more complicated fitness details or to maintain a high intensity. Luckily, from a fitness point of view, we rarely have this problem – Manchester, Stockport, Salford, Sale and Tameside are perfect for outdoor fitness classes all year around!

As always, as the fitness season approaches, those who are about to enjoy their first fitness season experience have many questions! The best people to ask are your fellow Bioticfitters, the ones who have done it before and didn’t take half the year off last time around. They kept moving towards their fitness and health goals by not stopping as the nights drew in. Don’t think that restarting in January or March is enough, your fitness is a priority all year around. And we’re the best fitness class at providing this! So if you are a fitness season virgin, get on the facebook page and ask the fitness community, the ones who have benefitted in the past!

In addition to this, there are a few things we as instructors do differently for Winter training. So now that you are all back from your holidays, the kids are back in schoos, it’s time for a bit of YOU time and a clear run at your fitness goals between Oct-Feb. With it cooling down, it is the best time to get your body performing more and getting more from your outdoor fitness class schedule.

As always for you guys, your instructors can give you some easy tips on how to get the most of training during the fitness season.

  • Remember, you are under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor! The way the classes are run do change, with us sticking to well lit areas that have been properly inspected before your sessions. No running off around dark tracks, we stick together now!
  • We’re lit up like a Christmas tree! Some of you will already have seen me in the later classes with various lights, torches and reflectors. Though the ambient light is sufficient, there’s no need to take the chance.
  • Your own preparation for the session! Luckily for us, no matter how cold it gets, you will all soon warm up during the session. I advise you keep your arms and legs covered and invest in some trailrunner style trainers. Perhaps bring some waterproof sealskin gloves for militaryfit/getstartedfit sessions and ensure your wrap up and are well fed before/after training. Bring dry clothes, plastic bags and carseat covers just in case.
  • Bring warm clothing and mats for your Flexifit sessions.
  • Earlier classes at 6pm and 6.30pm do mean that we will catch some daytime anyway, plus our weekday and weekend morning sessions give daylight options.
  • Come to the post session brews with the team. In the dry clothing, it’s a great way to finish a session off and give you motivation to get down to the class.
  • The fitness community are great for using the facebook to post deals for clothing and equipment, so stay communicating. There are lots of reasons to chat with your fitness buddies online!

Remember guys, when it comes to the fitness season, it’s about education and preparation. Just like the old eyebrow that raised when you found out we train whatever the weather, our fitness community doesn’t stop for any season or for anything for that matter. Because your fitness has to be part of your life… and life doesn’t stop for 6 months and then start again when the Sun comes out.

So spread the word gang and encourage those new guys or anybody worried about any of the above that in fact, everyone should be excited for the season that takes us furthest towards our fitness goals!

To get all of the gear for your fitness season needs, make sure you check out our online shop here

Wednesday Winter Games (coming December 2013)

What better way to celebrate the fitness season than getting all of Team Green together for a Wednesday Winter Games series at Crossford Bridge, Sale! Our most central location and the quietest night at our two most popular venues (Abney and Winton), our idea is to get members together from across Greater Manchester to compete in a series of fun, team based challenges, competing for points that will make up our Wednesday Winter Games league. What a great way to stay motivated and keep training hard over the Fitness Season! Challenges will range from military style gun runs and obstacles courses, to repetition challenges, from It’s A Knockout style events to team relays. Team results will give points to each time, and points mean prizes! There will be a prize (yet to be determined) to the winning team as well as others and bonus points for things such as including someone from each additional Bioticfit location, or including someone who isn’t even a member, right down to creative team names and attire. This series of events will run every Wednesday in December bar Christmas day, so the 4th, 11th and 18th. Don’t worry if team members can’t attend each of the three Wednesday’s, feel free to substitute in others to take their place temporarily. It’s likely team will be teams of four to six but this hasn’t been determined yet. We will be using the next week to formulate the exact details, including the challenges schedule and prizes so wait out for more details and get planning!


Fitness Season Timetable Changes from 1st November 2013

Although this is the best time of year to train, it is the toughest time of year to convince our friends how amazing Bioticfit is. All of us who have trained all year around are aware of the benefits, but it does make it harder to replace the natural attrition rate, therefore, classes that have been quiet for some time must be trimmed in order to be able to afford to keep Bioticfit going. These are classes that are rarely attended by many, if any, so although it may feel like options are being lost, it really is streamlining our efforts. It’s tough to have three or four classes on at the same time in different venues at the best of times, but tougher when they aren’t being attended and the number of new trialists falls off for a month or two. You can help this by keeping spreading the word, we really appreciate your support!

The classes that will drop will be the following –

Monday 7.30pm at Crossford Bridge, Sale

Wednesday 7pm MilitaryFit at Winton Park, Salford (for Wednesday Winter Games in Sale)

Wednesday 6.30pm Parkfit at Abney Hall Park, Stockport (for Wednesday Winter Games in Sale)

Friday 7.30pm at Crossford Bridge, Sale

Going into next year, should there be renewed interest in these classes and it is clear they will be well attended, then we will of course reopen them! But for the time-being, they are our quietest classes that clash with other classes. The 7.30pm are regularly either 0,1,2 or maximum 3 whilst Wednesday at Winton and Abney get a maximum of 8 but more commonly 4-6. With more Winton and Abney members using Sale, Wednesday becomes a great opportunity to get our members from across the parks together, especially with our Winter Games idea, whilst at the same time, reducing the number of instructors needed at any one night. Both sets of members effectively have access to a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (Sunday at Abney) timetable at the park they joined, as well as Monday, Wednesday and Friday just 10 minutes away at Crossford Bridge, Sale.

With Winton dropping a Militaryfit, Thursday will become a Parkfit and the instructors will have a behind the scenes rolling timetable so that we see Runfit and Militaryfit’s randomly run instead of Parkfit. No avoiding particular styles of classes now!

I hope everyone understands the need for these changes whilst at the same time being excited for the best time of year to train and our Winter Games idea! If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask me as that is what I’m here for.

Keep training hard team and get the most from the 2013/2014 Fitness Season with Bioticfit.