Spring 2012 Newsletter! PiccFit, Timetables, Spread the word…

Beloved Bioticfitters!

It feels like an age since I updated you all with the goings on of our wonderful fitness community and what we have to look forward too this year! Let me first take the opportunity to welcome all the new members of our team who have been getting onboard with the community over the last few months. A terrific growth, not only with the new additions to the Abney Athletes, but also the large numbers getting stuck in with the Winton Warriors! The new venue in Worsley/Eccles is proving a great success and long may it continue so long as we continue to focus on providing you varied, fun and effective outdoor group training classes!

Keep spreading the word team! Remember, the more people who join our fitness revolution, the easier it is to organise more classes for everyone, as well as think about opening more venues, training and involving more instructors and ultimately removing most of the barriers everyone will find not to make themselves and their fitness/health a priority.

PiccFit – City Centre Fitness for all 5th May – 15th June

As part of a city centre project to get more people involved in getting fit outdoors in Manchester, Salford and beyond, we will be running fitness classes in Piccadilly Gardens to which you are all invited! We will run BioticFit sessions on Mondays 6-7pm, Fridays 12-1pm and Saturday mornings 10-11am. Help us spread the word and get colleagues, friends, family, hairdresses, teachers, parents… everyone you know involved in this great initiative. For updates, check out @PiccadillyMCR or hashtag #PiccFit.

New Classes at Winton

This is your fitness community and as has happened at Abney Hall over the last 14 months, the classes and timetable at Winton Park are for you guys to mould and influence. Your feedback is so important. Already, there has been a lot of support for a Monday night RunFit class at Winton Park and a Sunday morning at 10am. I will work hard at making these classes available for those full and upgraded members during the next month so wait out for further announcements on this! If we get lots of new members I will also think about offering an indoor option at Winton for AbFit, CircuitFit and FlexiFit so keep telling your friends!

Injuries and tightness – Help yourselves with discounted Sports Massage

There are a few BioticFitters at both Winton Park and Abney Park who could certainly benefit from taking care of their bodies and injuries by seeing a sports masseuse specialist. If you are getting tight muscles or regularly picking up injuries, you need to look after your body like an athlete. Dave Mowat will help you recover from injuries as well as prevention and is offering all Bioticfitters a discount as a member of our community himself. To receive his member only discount, email Dave at davemowat@bioticfit.com or get him on twitter @dmsportsmassage.

BioticFit Social!

Remember, if you like the people you’re training with, you will be more motivated to train and enjoy your fitness much much more, making it easier for you to turn up and thus get the results that consistency bring. We’re long overdue a BioticFit get together!! I want to see a big effort over the next month from all Bioticfitters to organise something in Manchester soon that most BioticFitters can attend. Being part of a fitness community is a great way of meeting positive people who want to make a similiar difference to their active lifestyles as you. I want to see date and place suggestions on the facebook page this week! www.facebook.com/bioticfit

Spread the word!

The spread the word campaign will be returning soon! To celebrate this, Sunday 20th May will become a BioticFit day! Change your profile picks and statuses on facebook and twitter to encourage others to join the Bioticfit team and post links to friend’s walls. Take leaflets at classes and distribute them to neighbours, local schools and nurseries, hairdressers, work mates. And start thinking which which friends you can get to join our team! Organise corporate rates for colleagues and spread the word! The more people we can get to get involved in fitness in their local community park, the better for all of us!

Nutrition Workshops

The recent nutrition workshop was a huge success! There are many, especially from Winton, who would love to benefit from this three hour educational seminar. Helen Mahon on the Bioticfit facebook page is rallying the troops so send her a message if you are interested and if over 20 of you can organise a date, we can look at getting this booked in for all of you. Alternatively, I can also do this for work places so start speaking to your HR and employee benefits people and let’s get everyone educated!

Friday Night at Abney

Due to the small split of numbers on a Friday night at Abney Hall Park, it will definitely be for the best if we combine the current double class to a single going forwards. We will look at changing this for the start of June but what is yet to be decided is the the time and class type. ParkFit or MilitaryFit… 1815, 1900 or 1930… you get to vote! I’m inclined to go for the 1900 class to suit both groups but get on the facebook and let’s get discussing this! It’s your community remember, so it comes down to you, especially those guys who do manage to attend.


I’m on a mission to get tweeting so RT’s and tweet encouragement daily would be much much appreciated! Let’s get 1000 followers on facebook and twitter by June!!

As always, your support, ideas, encouragement and feedback are invaluable guys so let’s keep up the cracking work. It’s been a pleasure seeing all of you come on so far, even those guys who haven’t been attending long! Keep making me proud team!


James Clark

Tel. 07792966473
Email. fitness@bioticfit.com