Spread the word and Bring A Friend, get a FREE BIOTICFIT T-SHIRT!!!

It’s that time of year…

From 1st July 2012, you will again be rewarded for spreading the word and helping to grow your fitness community by receiving a FREE 2012 LIMITED EDITION BIOTICFIT T-SHIRT for EVERY new person you introduce to our team.

Remember, there is no obligation for your friend to join us for a FREE COMPLIMENTARY SESSION, so long as they have never trained with us before. Your friends have nothing to lose, just make sure they tell us they heard through you and you get that FREE T-SHIRT for EVERY SINGLE FRIEND you introduce to the Community! So bring 7 friends you’ll have a FREE T-SHIRT FOR EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK. How awesome is that?! 😉

Who shall I spread the word to…?

  • Real friends
  • Facebook and twitter friends
  • Family members
  • Neighbours
  • Colleagues
  • Your hairdressers!
  • Mums and Dad’s on the school and nursery runs
  • Random strangers in the street!

But they come up with the same excuses…!

Same excuses same solutions

  • Haven’t got the time – MAKE TIME! There are 19 sessions at Abney Hall and 4 at Winton, at all different times. Look at the timetable, there WILL be atleast one class they can make.
  • Work Shifts – BioticFit class programme is designed for this! With classes at 10am, 6.15pm, 7pm, 7.30pm and all day Sunday. Again, check out that timetable, there will be atleast one!
  • Not fit enough – it’s not about how fit you are! Everyone here has different strengths, it doesn’t matter! It’s about putting in 100% and your motivated by great instructors and a fab team who know exactly how it feels to start things up.
  • Haven’t got the money right now – who needs money for a free complimentary session? Besides, WHEN they love it, our memberships are cheaper than most gyms and work out pence per class. Plus, you’re not tied into it like a gym and can end at any time with a full month’s notice.
  • Have a gym membership – do you use it will you get as much from it as the classes where you have a team and a trainer pushing you and keeping it varied, different and motivating? Get out of that membership and join a real team. Stop pretending to get fit and come do it for real!
  • The kids get in the way – you time is important, so make it happen! There are enough classes to find that bit of time where you can put YOU first for a change.

Resources for getting friends to come for a complimentary session.

Just ask you instructors for leaflets, we have millions so get them out there! Plus, get on the facebook and twitter and spread the word by checking in, retweeting, sharing our links, tagging us in statuses and putting our links on your walls and friend’s walls! Plus, speak to the HR and staff benefits people in your workplaces to organise corporate discounts!

This is OUR FITNESS COMMUNITY and the more people who join our team, the easier it is to provide more options and continue to progress our fitness revolution. We will do our part and keep the classes challenging and different, you do your part and spread the word!

See you AND your friends at a class soon – remember to upload pictures of yourself in your new T-shirts onto our online communities!