At Bioticfit, we love training in all weathers and conditions as there are a lot of positives to draw from such training! However, tonight, due to a culmination of severe weather warnings regarding storms, dangerous winds and rain added to the static nature of the Thursday evening classes at Abney (CircuitFit and Yoga) THERE WILL BE NO CLASSES AT ABNEY HALL THIS EVENING. Classes at Winton will be on as per usual due to the risk assessment relating to the park, lighting, paths as well as the moving nature of the runfit. But I repeat, NO CIRCUITFIT OR YOGA TONIGHT AT ABNEY HALL. The safety of our members has to come first. If you know of anybody who was planning to attend, please let them know and try to divert to the 7pm class at Winton for the Runfit. I will be at Abney for those who do not get this message. In the meantime, due to member feedback, we will be looking at some indoor options for the circuitfit and yoga classes over the fitness season, so keep an eye out!