Our typical member…

… does not exist!

If you’ve seen us at a park, or thought about coming to join us in the gym I bet you’ve wondered what our typical member is like?

Truth is, we really don’t have a typical member. We have members who are male, female, tall, short, old, young, superfit and just getting started-fit.

When I first started out, even I imagined that I’d have a typical client, I pictured a young-professional, driven and into training hard, but the reality of training people is much more fun.

I’ve trained teachers, doctors, accountants, bricklayers, lawyers, housewives, small business owners, plumbers, even a professional footballer. From teens to people in their 60’s. From those wanting to lose a few pounds, to those wanting to get back into action following cancer treatment.

When it comes down to it, I’ve a very short list of wishes when it comes to members.

1. A willingness to work hard

2. That’s it.

If you think you can give it your best shot, then we’d love to see you at one of our classes in parks in Cheadle, Sale or Worsley. We’d also love to have you come visit our gym in Meadow Mill, Stockport. Come along to check us out, where we can have a chat and discuss your fitness journey.

Biotic Neil

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