New timetable and changes for the Fitness Season!

Hello Bioticfitters!

Firstly, I hope all of you are taking the opportunity to soak up some late Summer Sun in this final week before the Fitness Season begins! Remember, if you are planning to train at Abney Hall this week, please ensure you are well hydrated and eating sensibly before you attend your fitness classes.

I’d like to thank all our Bioticfitters who have contributed to our online survey and face to face consultations this week, especially Sam who has been helping collate the feedback you have given. Remember, this is your fitness community and the changes we are making are based on the feedback you have given. So thanks for helping us making Bioticfit Outdoor Fitness even more amazing than it already is! Please read the email carefully as all changes will come into effect from Tuesday 11th October. Of course, there will be chances to review again in the future but please read below for the current alterations.

No Classes Between Tuesday 4th October and Sunday 9th October 2011.
As most of you are aware, the beginning of October sees a very special date in your calendars. That’s right, it’s my birthday on the 7th! It seems a natural opportunity to take a moment to organise and implement the changes to Bioticfit, particularly to the timetable. The changes are based on your survey and consultation feedback, which can be implemented for the returning date Tuesday 11th October 2011. Please ensure Bioticfit buddies are all aware of the break in classes that week and that there will be changes when we return!

Morning Classes Now 10am
Over the past few months we have trialed different class times for our morning sessions. It has become clear that it hasn’t made a difference to whether members are more likely to attend one than the other and this has been very very clear in the consultation process. So, in the name of consistency, all morning classes that were 9.30am will now be 10am so all morning fitness sessions will be 10am.

Booking Required for 6.45am Thursday Parkfit

Due to the lack of consistent attendance to the early morning class option we offer, it has been decided that it would not be unfair to ask that those intending to attend would book in advance of the fitness class to confirm their attendance. This is not something I would look to introduce for the other classes and I am keen to offer that early morning option for those looking to squeeze in a session before their early morning commutes to work. All bookings must be received no later than the prior Wednesday midday by email headed “6.45 BOOKING” If there are less than 4 bookings then I will reply in an email headed “NO CLASS” that afternoon, so check your emails!

Monday Classes – Coming soon!
It is clear that you slave drivers would like nothing more than me to run fitness classes for you on Mondays as well as every other day and believe me, I would if I thought I could 😀 I am pleased to say that based on your feedback, Monday classes is something I will be working on providing, hopefully soon! Based on your feedback, this looks likely to either be a Parkfit or a Runfit… or if you’re lucky, both! This is highly dependent on ensuring we have a Bioticfit instructor who believes in all we believe in, who can motivate you and ensure that your fitness experience with us is second to none. No small task but I will be using your feedback on what you believe makes a good instructor to bring in a fitness instructor good enough for my Bioticfitters!

Weekend Classes – New Saturday 11.30am Sportfit
Part of my mission at Bioticfit is to offer my Bioticfitters a varied timetable with an array of class times, mornings, evenings and weekends breaking down those training barriers we all seem to find. In this light, I would like to offer an additional class immediately proceeding our current 10am Parkfit on Saturdays. We will trial a new class at 11.30am on Saturdays. Based on your feedback, the majority have decided this class would be Sportfit. Currently, the volume of sessions on a Sunday thins out our attendance, usually meaning the two midday classes can suffer indifferent participation. In this light, the Sunday timetable will now change to three classes – Getstartedfit 10am – Parkfit 12am – Runfit 2pm.

New Early Evening Sessions
With the Fitness Season approaching, we can now take the opportunity to introduce some earlier evening fitness class options to catch the remaining daylight hours. Although the park is filled with ambient light and we stick to lit areas as the nights get darker, it’s great to offer the opportunity to attend for those trying to come straight from work and those who would prefer some daylight training outside of mornings and weekends. The feedback for new evening classes was completely mixed and left an unclear picture so I have based my decision on the desire to offer a second, slightly later option and therefore offer more classes. We would be unable to do this with the 6.30pm and 6.45pm options as the second class would be slightly too late so I am pleased to announce we will be introducing new 6.15pm early evening classes from Tuesday to Friday. See timetable below.

New Indoor Classes
Ever looking to expand our fitness class options, I have been looking into offering at least one evening where we can run classes indoors, which would especially suit the static class options of Abfit and Flexifit. It seems this would be an interesting option for some of you so when we have secured a location, I will make the announcement. With this in mind, both Abfit and Flexifit which are 30 minute classes will both move to Thursday and join the new indoor class option which I will release when the location is secured soon. Until then, the flexifit and abfit will continue to be outdoors. Thursday nights until further notice – Abfit 7pm – Flexifit 7.45pm

New Look Timetable

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Coming 1000 GetStarted 1000 MilitaryFit 645 ParkFit** 1000 ParkFit 1000 ParkFit 1000 GetStarted
soon! 1815 GetStarted 1815 MilitaryFit 1000 RunFit 1815 ParkFit 1130 SportFit 1200 ParkFit
1930 RunFit 1930 ParkFit 1815 AbFit 1930 Militaryfit 1400 RunFit
1900 FlexiFit 

1945 ???Fit


Pay As You Train Option
In my quest to make it as easy for people to train as possible it appears I have encouraged some negative fitness habits! Unfortunately, the current pay as you train option, where members can pay for a class as they attend seems to be discouraging good retention habits as it is a simple fact that if you are a part of something, you are more likely to get involved and from Bioticfit’s point of view, enjoy the benefits of our training sessions! This is even with the loyalty card option. With this in mind, as of Tuesday 11th October, the pay as you train option will now be a voucher of 6 sessions purchased by cheque to BIOTICFIT at the class, to encourage keepfitters to get stuck into their fitness programmes and attend with reasonable and effective regularity. Each voucher will be £36. Once purchased, it is important that voucher members register at each class.

Standing Order to Direct Debit
Currently, we have been using a membership that relies on the good faith between instructor and Bioticfitters for members to set up their own standing order to come from their accounts on the 1st of each month. This has been fine, but with the class membership growing and some member’s payments going in on different dates to the 1st as asked, this makes it increasingly difficult to monitor and put together a register at the start of the month. Direct debit will ensure that instead, all payments will go out on the 1st and I will receive a report of any cancellations, thus making registering much much easier. There will still be no minimum contract period or joining fees, all that will change will be date required to inform of cancellation, so don’t worry about this change. It won’t be coming into effect immediately but hopefully within the next month or two.

Fitness Season Training Tips
I will soon be issuing a leaflet, blog post and email giving everyone a huge and informative list of hints and tips about how to get the most out of the upcoming fitness season as well as the benefits of training during this period. Keep an eye out and remember, if you have any questions or fears, please feel free to contact me so I can reassure you and give you the correct information and advice.

Keep an eye out for the next email which will be a newsletter going over some of these points in more detail.

I look forward to seeing you all at training soon!