News and some exciting changes at Bioticfit

As Bioticfit celebrates three years of quality training and building an amazing community of fitness friends across Manchester, I am determined to work hard going into our fourth year to make Bioticfit even better! Thank you to everyone who has been in touch with feedback, it’s soooo appreciated and will help shape this young business into the perfect fitness class for all. I and the instructors might be the beating heart, but you guys are the life blood and make this happen. And I’m determined to make our fitness classes even better in 2014!

Some upcoming announcements.

  • With regret, we are indefinitely postponing our fitness classes at Ryecroft Hall Park in Tameside. Although it is sad to lose a venue, the decision whether to renew the lease had to be made from a financial point of view. We’re hoping this will give us the chance to focus more on our other three venues and make the service and what we offer even better this year, as well as make way for other exciting options.
  • We are hoping to announce an proposed opening date for our new bioticGYM project in the near future! This will provide a permanent base for indoor fitness class options, with members having the option (for a limited time only) to upgrade their membership to include both sets of classes at a discount, as well as have access and large discounts on an array of other, PAY AS YOU TRAIN classes that will be based here (much more yoga, as well as other interesting and different classes) The upgrade will likely include 4 circuit based class options per week. This is planned to be a Monday and Wednesday evening, a Thursday morning and early Saturday morning.
  • bioticGYM may also be able to provide a walk in GYM service for an extra cost, depending on interest. Not a conventional GYM, but a centre of fitness excellence with daily varied workouts optimised for your goals and an instructor on hand to ensure great form and maximum output, as well as progress tracking and management. It will also provide a base for regular seminars and workshops, from nutrition to kickboxing! From weights training to running theory. And for our personal training service, for premium training and advice in the highest quality of facilities.
  • We’re excited to announce that our outdoor fitness specialist, Neil Gallagher will be coming onboard full-time next month! This means you will now have two very familiar faces at most of your classes, points of contact for feedback and keeping you up to date with what is happening at Bioticfit. This doesn’t mean the rest of our team will disappear, as they are doing a great job! But it does mean most classes on the current timetable will be guaranteed to have an instructor available, which is key as we look to expand our operation.
  • With Neil onboard, expect more monthly events, not just for Bioticfitters, but for anybody looking to improve their active lifestyle. May’s Active Social – Rockclimbing! Contact Neil on our Facebook page for more details. Will we introduce an “Events Calendar” for the website for events that the Bioticfit team will champion and promote, including special training sessions for such events!
  • Childcare is an issue which has long provided one of the number one barriers for people attending training sessions. We are currently investigating the possibility of “during class childcare” to remove this barrier, allow parents to train know there is a great value, affordable and trusted service to look after their children during sessions. If this is something that would benefit you or your friends, let me know by emailing
  • Soon I will be calling a meeting of all those members who contacted me regarding being involved in the administration of our COMPLETELY FREE RUNNING CLUB which is set to launch soon. I have a plan in place, to provide a 5k, 10k and half marathon training cycle and will be giving this to our community to use to build and grow effective running training in the areas around our parks and help everyone progress with their running training, to avoid the trend of running aimlessly and expecting results and instead give a constructed plan that everyone works to.
  • Return of a “pay as you train option” With Neil coming on board AND having an indoor base, this will make it easier to take cash at the parks and although we currently offer a voucher, help encourage those who really can only attend less than 3 sessions a month average to still benefit from coming to the odd sporadic class. With our membership being such great value and no price rises since opening, it is still more worthwhile being a member. But at the same time, not excluding those for whom it does not benefit to have a membership. This is COMING SOON so wait out for further details.
  • Better membership interaction – With the expansions into new areas last year and the growing of the Bioticfit instructor team, Bioticfit was in transition. This year, we’re going to be focused so much more in those personal touches which make this fitness community the best in all the land. Not attended for a while and need motivation? We’ll be in touch! Been attending regularly? Again, we’ll be in touch, and maybe give some rewards! Post session socials are a given! Frozen membership? We’ll be getting in touch to hear how you are and to see if there is anything we can do to get you back into training. Just much better membership tracking, from the moment someone enquires about our classes, right through to them hitting all their goals and being a fully fledged Bioticfitter, encouraging new arrivals and welcoming them to our team!
  • Development of PARKFIT – When Bioticfit started, the idea was to create a ramped up timetable of classes presenting a huge amount of choice for members, who could pick and choose which type of niche class they wished to attend that week. As we have learned and evolved, it is very difficult to maintain and finance a timetable so large, with so many niche classes, that picking and choosing was the death of certain class types. With most people attending classes because of the time suiting, rather than because of the class type, some classes put people off attending when they could because they don’t like the class type, or putting off potential beginners. Parkfit was introduced to start mixing these elements together and evolved as specialist classes were dropped so that the instructor had the flexibility to provide getstartedfit when new people arrived, Runfit when lot’s of the group were training for runs etc. However, with so many instructors, there was and has always been the chance of repeating the same style of class (even though all classes are different) because of a lack of team communication regarding what types of classes/details had been taken where. This is set to change and there will be a rolling instructor timetable to ensure an equal mix of all across the board and all three locations. This will be secret (although expect fitness games to feature a lot over the summer months!) although we’ll be happy to share on some level what will be going on where week by week. But we need parkfit so we have the flexibility over what we give you, when and why.


Lots of points covered above and if you would like to respond to any of them and give more feedback or anything at all, please email me at

Thanks for all your support everybody and continue to spread the word!