New year, old you?? Training past the January surge.

New Year, Old You?

We’re approaching the end of January and the beginning of the end for most of those New Years’ Resolutions.  Most studies seem to show that there’s a 75-90% drop off from the end of January until mid March.

How do you avoid becoming just another statistic? It’s easy…..when you know how!

Step 1.  Look at your goals.  Do you want to run the London marathon, but you’ve not ran since your schooldays? Or do you want to go from 35% body fat to sub 10%?  Big goals are awesome, but always remember big goals will take a lot of hard work.  So break your goals down into mini targets to tick off along the way!

For example, to run a marathon from scratch, here’s a few targets you could hit along the way;

  • Run for 10/20/30 minutes without stopping
  • Run a 5km
  • Run a 10km
  • Run a 10km in under an hour
  • Run a half marathon
  • Run a marathon

Every mini step has it’s own plan to implement and will help you get to your big goal!

Step 2.  Get help!  If you’ve a training partner, or someone who is trying to achieve a similar goal it can be a massive help when times get tough.  Cold, wet morning? Snooze button appearing to get bigger and bigger on the alarm clock? Too bad, your buddy is going to be at the gym/class/front door waiting for you, get your arse out of bed!

What if you can’t find a training partner? What then?  You can always hire a personal trainer, right here from bioticfit in Stockport and Manchester.  We can help support you on your way as we do with all our clients.  Just look back over our facebook page to see some of the amazing results we’ve been lucky enough to be involved in.

Step 3.  Review your progress.  Evaluate your approach to your goals.  Is it working? Why? Could it be better? How do you feel? Do you want to change that? Are you struggling to get to the bioticGYM in the evening? Could you go in the morning?  Always aim to make things better.

Step 4. Celebrate your successes! Don’t forget to reward yourself when you succeed.  Though if you’re cutting back on alcohol, rewarding yourself with a bottle of wine may not be advisable!  Perhaps give yourself a rewarding experience, for example, if you’ve given up smoking, maybe use the money saved to pay for a spa day.

Step 5.  Replace, don’t restrict!  Try not to place restrictions on yourself, always remember that you have chosen to improve your life.  DON’T say “I can’t have a takeaway” DO think, “I’m choosing not to eat a takeaway and to eat a home-cooked meal”.  You might just be surprised at how big a difference this makes!

Implementing these should help you stick to your resolutions and help you fulfil that New Year, New You, promise to yourself!


Neil Gallagher – Coach, Bioticfit and bioticGYM (see personal trainer, Greater Manchester area)

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