New PAY AS YOU TRAIN option plus price structure changes

As of 1st July, we’ll be making some price structure changes at Bioticfit!

First up, after a huge swathe of recent feedback after contacting ex-members, we’ll be changing our PAY AS YOU TRAIN option from an £80 voucher for 10 sessions to being actually able to pay at the park for an individual session. This option will be £10 per session, no change given for simplicity of money taking at the parks.

We will also be raising our full membership price to £36 to reflect the cost growth over the last 3 years, but not before moving everyone who was paying FULL to the new discount rate, which will increase from £24 to £26.

This rate will be reserved exclusively for existing members who do not cancel their DD’s with the bank and only freeze through us when suspending membership (as cancellations cost us a small fortune each month) as well as any one who joins within 24 hours of their initial trial session.

So everyone who is currently a member will be paying £26 per month, miles more competitive than other local outdoor fitness classes, with a greater volume of classes too!

We will be contacting all of our members this weekend before we process the 1st July payments on Monday so if there is an issue with your price increase, feel free to contact me personally to discuss by emailing Hopefully this will allow us to grow and do more for you all going into the future!