New Concessionary Rate, Cheaper Corporate Discount

Beloved Bioticfitters!

As promised, our growing fitness community will be moving from the standing order membership to the benefits of direct debit this month. As our numbers grow, this helps me hugely with administration, especially as we take on new instructors who will need a monthly register, ensuring we receive payments together on a set date. Direct debit is a safe and reliable service which provides peace of mind for your membership payments. Not much will change from your point of view – payments will be drawn on the first working day of each month and we will still enjoy no minimum term of membership. Since direct debit instructions have to be submitted in advance of the withdrawal dates, I do ask for the courtesy of informing me of any wished cancellation a month in advance of your wished cancellation.

What do you need to do?

  1. Cancel your current standing orders to Bioticfit.
  2. Print off the attached forms and bring them to your next class (This must be done by the 14th December 2011) If you are unable to print the forms, I will have some with me at the park.
  3. Complete the appropriate sections of the Direct Debit Mandate (bank details, customer details, signatures) and submit before the 14th December deadline.
  4. Read and sign the revised membership terms and conditions and submit with your mandate.

Some changes and a small thank you…

From the 1st January Bioticfit will be introducing a new Concessionary Rate for members under 21 or over 60’s.

This new rate will be a bargain £20 per month only!

Our discounted corporate rate will also be changing slightly, from £25 per month to £24, making it exactly 20% cheaper than our full membership! For those full members who would like to benefit from a corporate rate, remember, it’s easy to set up!

As always, thanks for your support, see you at a class soon and have a fantastic fitness filled Christmas season.