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Here comes the Sun!

Welcome to your fitness community newsletter, keeping you up to date with announcements, events, special offers and the progress of your team mates at Bioticfit. We will try and send out a newsletter each month. But ultimately, Bioticfit is about you guys, the members so we would love to see you all contributing content you feel will be interesting and useful for your fitness friends!
A big congratulations to every one who has worked hard this fitness season! The cooler and less dry months are now over and you have put yourselves in a fantastic position going into Spring/Summer 2013! We have been seeing some amazing progress and results so keep up the consistency and hard work to continue smashing all your expectations and goals.
Also, a big warm, fitness community welcome to all of our new Bioticfitters who have joined our team since the New Year! It would be great to see you all getting involved in post session drinks, Bioticfit socials and various member organised events so you can get the most out of being part of your local fitness community. If you are on Facebook, member organised events can be found here or alternatively, just ask when you’re at class!
A big congratulations to everyone representing our green team this past few months, from the monthly Abney 5k’s and ParkRun’s, to Tough Mudder and the Manchester Marathon! Remember, one of the great benefits of being part of this fitness community is meeting people who will encourage you to get involved in things you would never have dreamed of. It isn’t about being super fit always. It’s about making friends and having fun! So don’t be intimidated about getting involved or even organising events.
Our next big event is to celebrate Bioticfit’s 2nd Birthday. Thank you all so much for your support, enthusiasm and encouragement this past two years. We get so much out of seeing how you all have come on and changed your lives. It would be amazing to see lots of you coming to celebrate going into our third year with us. We are meeting on Saturday 4th May at Duke’s 92 Bar in Castlefield, Manchester. People will be arriving from 6.30pm and there will be an opportunity to have a sit down meal with us which is from 7pm. If you’d like to join the meal, email to arrange. But whether attending the meal or not, I hope lot’s of you will join us and drink to a third successful year at Bioticfit!
Taking part in an event this year? We want to know! Let us know so we can announce which Bioticfitters are doing what in these monthly newsletters.
For those of you unable to make 4th May, do not despair! It would be amazing if you could organise another social soon, perhaps end of May? Let’s get at least one big get together each month team!
Be the inspiration
It incredibly rewarding seeing you guys grow in confidence and go from strength to strength when consistently attending Bioticfit classes. It’s just as rewarding when we see you all making friends for life, welcoming new and nervous Bioticfitters to the team and taking part in new and exciting events! You may not all realise it all of the time, but all of you are an inspiration! Not only do you make your instructors proud, but you can be the motivation for a friend, associate or onlooker, lacking in confidence, to make the decision to give it a go, come for a complimentary session and ultimately, change their lives.
Be the inspiration is our member driven campaign this Summer. Already we have been receiving some fabulous success stories and before and after shots. Truly motivating! These will be going up on the Bioticfit Facebook and twitter, as well as the website news blog and monthly newsletter! Have you got yours in yet? Be the inspiration!
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Whether your success story is weight loss orientated, well being and quality of life based, or you are achieving personal bests and feeling fitter than ever, don’t keep it a secret. Be the inspiration!
Timetable ideas
It has always been my goal to provide as many classes as possible at all different times to remove as many barriers to training as possible. However, there has been a sizeable portion of members and ex-members who have expressed the desire for some later classes. Whilst it is impossible to please all of the people all of the time, we do listen to all feedback and comments and this is something we are keen to at least trial again somehow, without upsetting the large numbers who use and prefer class times as they are. We currently have four venues, two of which are well established. We would like to avoid having lots of different class times at the same venues to avoid confusion. Nor do we want to disrupt  where there are lot’s attending already. We are considering a trial of a 7pm or 7.30pm class time across the board at Sale or possibly a trial of one 6.45pm or 7pm session at Abney on a Monday or Friday. Opinions are welcome on this conundrum but ultimately, votes are made with feet so if we do trial either and you’d prefer either earlier or later classes, make sure you attend them to turn our heads! If you prefer a slightly later class and would usually attend Abney, this can be done by attending the 7pm sessions down the road at Ryecroft as this will also give us something to consider.
Helping your fitness community grow
We rely heavily on ensuring your classes are always awesome to give you guys lots of reasons to talk about us and spread the word. In order to keep going and progressing what we offer at Bioticfit, our target is 10 new Bioticfitters joining the team each month at each venue. If you have ideas or ways you can directly help us, let us know! Have friends who work with local media or in HR for large local companies? Perhaps you know the HR or staff benefits people at your own work? Or have a staff intranet or newsletter? Perhaps you’d like to organise a free one off session for all your workmates? Or maybe you’d like to do the same for your local school, getting the Bioticfit team in to do an alternate sports day or one off parent and teacher sessions? Maybe you’d just like some leaflets? Or want to let us know about upcoming local events? We’re even happy to provide prizes for charity events! So get your thinking caps on team, we really need you!
Meet the Member

Despite the effective, fun and varied class programme, the committed, motivating and passionate outdoor fitness experts, the gorgeous outdoor fitness training environments and parks, it is the wonderful fitness community and members we have that makes Bioticfit incredibly special.

Get fit, have fun, make friends!

Our outdoor fitness class community is all about you, the members. So we introduce to you “Meet the Member” an opportunity to meet the people that make Bioticfit tick across our Greater Manchester locations.


Name… Claire Graves

c graves photo

Joined Bioticfit in… April 2011

Your favourite class is… Militaryfit! We get to use so much different equipment you’d never think of using otherwise, carrying sledgehammers like machine-guns for example! After a session, all my friends love hearing about all the weird and wonderful stuff I’ve been up to in my local park!

I love Bioticfit because… Training with such a huge mix of people! The community spirit and variety keeps me motivated and coming back regularly, which in turn has got me results!

Most interesting Bioticfit fact… I’m on the Bioticfit van!

We want to do the above feature each month so look forward to you sharing with us all your fun Bioticfit facts!
As always, please contact us if you have feedback on how to continue to make the Bioticfit experience even better, this is YOUR fitness community. Let the fitness revolution continue!