March 2012 News – Timetable alteration, membership and events!

Fitness revolutionaries!

Happy spring time Bioticfitters, old and new! What a fantastic start to 2012 we’ve had! Over 40 new faces have joined our fitness classes and are already getting stuck into having some fitness fun with us and feeling the benefits. Scores of Bioticfitters continue to fly the Green flag at races, adventure races, team trials and events across the country. Although it isn’t physically possible to mention all the events nor everyone involved, I’m very proud of you all for building this into your new active lifestyles.

We’ve already had a couple of brilliant get togethers this year. If you haven’t been to one, get involved! Remember, if you like the people you train with, you are more likely to keep that training going… and that is a great thing!

We’ve also seen the opening of a second Bioticfit venue as the fitness revolution continues to spread! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us this year in our bid to spread the word. Without you, none of this would be possible so keep up the good work. Thank you to everyone who has made it to Winton Park already, what a great venue to compliment what we’re already doing in the Manchester/Cheshire area!

So to news… make sure you read all guys… important stuff as always!

  • No evening classes at Abney Hall on Tues 13th and Wed 14th March – classes still taking place at Winton.
  • Membership terms and conditions – a review of the conditions!
  • Sports relief mile, Trafford, Sunday 25th March
  • Bioticfitter run events page, get involved.
  • Kali workshop with Mike Gregory of the MAXT academy.
  • Nutrition Workshop at the Ashlea, Cheadle – Saturday 21st April at 1pm.

No evening classes at Abney Hall on Tues 13th and Wed 14th March

Next week, we will be postponing the classes at Abney Hall Park on Tuesday and Wednesday night. Classes will be as normal at Winton Park, so hopefully an opportunity for everyone who hasn’t tried Winton Park in the evening yet to get down and give it a go and support the new venue! This is a one off as we continue to look to train a new instructor to a suitable standard. It would be fantastic if we could get another car pool going at Abney for those who wish to travel in groups or who haven’t been before. Make sure all Bioticfitters you talk to are aware of this timetable change next week and let’s see a massive evening turn out at Winton Park. Spread the word!


Membership T&Cs

It’s fantastic that we all have such a great relationship in this fitness family and it is because of this relationship and my enthusiasm for getting rid of negative gym style tarriffs and charges that the payment relationship, including the cancellation policy, is relatively loose and friendly. However, in order to be able to maintain benefits such as no joining fees, it’s important that all Bioticfitters adhere to the limited terms and conditions in place on the contracts. It costs to set up each individual payment file, with additional costs on every monthly submission. It is therefore important that –

  • You make sure that the designated account has the required funds in place in time. When your account bounces, the charge is taken on by me as well as the addition charge to put you in for the next submission.
  • That you inform me a month in advance of the month you wish to cancel. DO NOT CANCEL YOUR DD AT THE BANK WITHOUT NOTICE. If you do not notify me with a month’s notice, again, I have to pick up the charge if the file has been submitted.
  • If you do wish to cancel but intend to rejoin there is NO NEED TO CANCEL DD INSTRUCTION WITH BANK. Just inform me with a month’s notice and I’ll remove you from the submissions into the ‘Cancellations” folder. This means if you wish to rejoin, there are no additional charges.
  • Only cancel your DD instruction with the bank if I have acknowledged your months notice and you have no intentions of rejoining fitness classes.
  • Unfortunately, consistent disregard for those terms and conditions will spoil it for others as I will have to introduce joining fees and rejoining fees :( which I would hate to do!

Thank you guys!

Sports Relief Mile

Bioticfit is officially looking after the Sports Relief Mile in Trafford at the end of March! If you would like to get involved in either the 1 mile, 3 mile or 6 mile versions of the event, register online Lot’s of people turning up in Bioticfit gear as we will have a PT stand, sports massage stand with Dave Mowat and we will be doing the warm-up! If you are interested in coming down and helping with the event, giving out leaflets etc, let me know and come and support the team! The events takes place on Sunday 25th March… jot it down guys!


Bioticfitter events page

Being part of a fitness community that encourages you to get involved in things you wouldn’t have normally dream of is an amazing thing. Already we have a large number of Bioticfitters getting out and getting involved in various events across the country. It’s not about being super-fit… there are no cliques at Bioticfit! It’s about getting together and having a laugh. So if you’re not already on the events page, check it out


Kali Workshop at MAXT

We have already had the pleasure of undertaking a kickboxing and self-defence workshop with the superb Mike Gregory of the Martial Arts Cross Training Academy. The next one on the cards looks at the Filipino art of Kali… it’s for all levels, it’s something different and a tick in the box. If you’ve turned up to a class and seen me twirling a pair of rattan sticks, then this is what you can expect! If you would be interested, try and get a group together on the facebook. If we can get more than ten and agree a date with Mike, that would be great.

Nutrition Workshop

A big thank you to Lisa Wildbore for organising the latest nutrition workshop, set to be run from the Ashlea in Cheadle on Saturday 21st April from 1-4pm. The workshop lasts three hours at a cost of £20 per head. Non Bioticfitters allowed so continue to spread the word and contact Lisa on facebook if you haven’t already. If you have agreed to come, get your £20 in a labled envelope in prompt so we can push on with this!


As always keep up the cracking work gang and spread the word. Summer is coming so let’s make Bioticfit bigger and better than it’s ever been before.

My love as always!


James Clark

Tel. 07792966473