November News – Exciting New Updates!

Crikey, it’s November already!

That means we’ve already suffered a whole month of Christmas adverts and now suddenly it’s even acceptable to be asked what our Christmas day plans are, without getting away with the frowning resposte that says “it’s ages away!” We are all well aware that much of those those plans will involve eating and drinking ourselves to excess! But don’t worry, it’s one day a year! And besides, you are all lucky that we are well and truly immersed in our Fitness Season with Bioticfit, what better solution?!

One of the greatest aspects of being part of the Bioticfit Fitness Community is being part of it’s evolution and seeing it grow and get better with your feedback. As you continue to get out there and help spread the word, it makes it easier for Bioticfit to make the kind of progress you are all about to see…

So what’s the exciting news?

So, are you bracing yourself?

  • Monday classes starting 28th November (see details below)
  • Indoor classes starting Thursday 10th November and continuing every Thursday (see details below)
  • New Thursday night 7pm class – CircuitFit (Flexifit will follow at 7.45pm – see below)
  • New Bioticfit instructors joining the team!
  • Evolution of MilitaryFit (see below for details)
  • Resident sports masseuse on board to help prevent and treat your training niggles!
  • Efficient Direct Debit system assisting us from January 1st.
  • More social events coming up to get involved in!
  • 22 class options everyday of the week!

Monday Classes from 28.11.11

So, as promised, a date has been announced! Like all our classes, for them to continue they must first be popular, so get out and spread the word!

  • 6.15pm – RunFit
  • 7.30pm – MilitaryFit

Indoor Classes starting 10.11.11

This Thursday, our 30 minute blast classes will be moving indoors! Don’t fret, we will not be moving far! The Abney Centre inside Abney Park has kindly agreed to allow us to use their facilities, although I will be placing an honesty box at the entrance and kindly ask anybody who attends any of the classes of a Thursday contribute a pound, whether you stay for one or all three classes! This donation goes towards the continued work and maintenance of the centre which is done by volunteers. Also available at the Centre will be bottled water and again, I ask everybody who takes one please put a pound into the honesty box to help the Centre.

Any one attending on the opening of our Indoor Class options this Thursday will be entitled to a FREE 10 minute sports massage and consultation, in thanks for your continued support of the Bioticfit community and to celebrate the new Sports Massage Service which will now be offered to all Bioticfitters! Just ensure you arrive prompt at 6pm to get your place. There are a limited number of 10 minute slots available on the night, but don’t worry if you miss out, we’ll book you in for a free consultation and massage at a later date!

Bioticfitters are more than welcome to bring their own ab mats for AbFit. To find the Abney Centre check here for directions.

Introducing… CircuitFit

Bioticfit is proud to present a new, no nonsense addition to our wonderful cross fitness training programme, CircuitFit! As with all Bioticfit classes, it is for all abilities. 30 minutes of circuit training, involving equipment and moves that perhaps other Outdoor classes might not allow… and without the running in between. CircuitFit will take place on Thursday evenings at 7pm and will be followed by FlexiFit at 7.45pm. Circuit training is a great way of adding resistance to training and metabolising body fat with intense rounds. But as always, it’s as hard as you make it!

New Meeting Point (Thursday Indoor Classes only)

From M60 : Travelling from either direction, take junction 3 for the A34 south to Wilmslow and Alderley Edge. Note: This exit is not available from the M56. Immediately after slip road, turn left at traffic lights to Cheadle. Straight on at the next traffic lights onto the shopping high street. Bear left at the next lights and immediately turn right behind the car sales onto Newlands Road, a narrow single track lane. Follow the road under the railway bridge and past a fishing lake to the Centre car park on the right.

From M56 : Follow the signs for Stockport which will lead you onto the M60. Leave immediately at junction 2. Turn right at the roundabout for Cheadle. Straight on at the first set of traffic lights. Turn sharp right at the next set of lights and immediately turn right behind the car sales onto Newlands Road, a narrow single track lane. Follow the road under the railway bridge and past a fishing lake to the Centre car park on the right.

Click on the map below to view a larger version which may be saved or printed off.

NOTE: If you use SATNAV the postal post code will NOT take you to the Centre.
Use “SK8 2NP” to arrive near the bridge by the entrance to Newlands Road.

New Instructors Joining the Bioticfit Team

Very soon I’ll have the pleasure of introducing you to a team of new instructors who will bring different ideas, different energy and a different angle to your fitness training programme at Bioticfit! I’m sure you will all work with me in supporting these new instructors, giving credit where it’s due as well as feeding me constructive feedback that all of us need in order to keep improving! I’m sure you will work as hard for these instructors as me! As we continue to make Bioticfit, building a great team of instructors to lead a great Fitness Community is of huge importance so let’s rally together and support them as they look to assist you on your fitness journey! As we move to a situation where you may arrive and see a different instructor to myself, it’s important that before you take you bibs, drop off your keys and valuables and join the group, that you first register, informing the instructor whether you are Pay As You Train, Full Member or Corporate Member, as well as providing your surname! Many thanks guys!

MilitaryFit: The Evolution

Quite often I am asked just how like real army training is a MilitaryFit class at Abney Hall… and I always say… nothing like it! True, in the army you do see certain exercises that we replicate, but it is more the intensity and instructor control we replicate… and best of all that feeling of teamwork and the feel good factor in the warm shower after! After some thought, I have decided to give tasters of drills more familiar  in essence to real military training and emphasis… so expect to see more equipment, more lifting, more teamwork and even the odd assault course! As always, the session will still cater for all abilities, so don’t panic, just come down, put in 100% and do whatever you can do… as well as that bit more I … encourage you to do :p

BioticFit Sports Masseuse – Welcome David Mowat!

There isn’t a day that goes by when at least one client asks me about an ongoing injury or tightness in an area or muscle. With all of you putting so much of yourselves into your training, it becomes increasingly important to look after those muscles, especially when thinking about events that so many of you do. I’m pleased to introduce you all to Sports Masseuse David Mowat, himself a Bioticfitter, who will be offering services to all Bioticfitters, as well as advice and other support! Get your first glimpse of David in action as he offers Bioticfitters attending our Indoor Opening a free 10 minute massage slot and consultation. Don’t worry if you miss out, David offers us all a free consultation and also does home visits in the area so if you have concerns about a niggle or long term injury, please get in touch. David’s details will be on the website soon, but in the meantime, if you have any questions, please email me at

Direct Debit System

As explained in the last newsletter, to help us with admin as our community grows, we will be moving to a direct debit facility in the near future for all members. This changes very little from the Bioticfitter point of view, but helps me as I look to make Bioticfit even more awesome! The changes are expected to come into play 1st January so I’m sure you will be all receiving an email sometime this month or over November informing you to cancel your standing order and instead supplying you with a DD form which you will have to complete and sign and bring to me. Thanks for your understanding team!

Bioticfit Social Events

  • Bioticfit goes Christmas markets – Sunday afternoon mingle in Manchester on 20th November. Join our facebook group to keep up to date with further details such as meeting place and time. Organiser… Milly Connelly!
  • Kickboxing seminar at Martial Arts Cross Training Academy in Leigh – after success of our self-defence seminar with Mike Gregory we will be going for a kickboxing masterclass on Saturday 26th November 1-4pm. The 3 hours is only £20 so email me KICKBOXING to and bring an envelope with your money to secure your place.
  • Christmas do – 10th December at The Grinch near Kings Street, Manchester – Still places, just call them to give your £5 deposit and tell them you’re a Bioticfitter! Attached to your newsletter, please find a menu to complete and hand back in at a session.


Personal Training

Remember, we also offer personalised one on one training for your specific goals and needs, as well as nutrition solutions courses for weight loss goals. If neither suits your fitness ambitions currently, spread the word and tell your friends and for every friend who engages in either a course of nutrition, personal training or sports massage, get one session free for yourself! Remember, PT courses make great Christmas presents for those New Years Resolutions.


Bioticfit now offers 22 classes, more than double any other outdoor fitness class in our area, with every session as different as they are challenging. Keep spreading the word and bringing your mates for free trials, what have they got to lose.

Any advice as always, please ask! Have a fitness filled November and see you all at a class soon!

With love, James