Important Timetable Updates week beginning 26/08/13

Hello all and many thanks to all of you for sending in your feedback and suggestions regarding our latest timetable ideas!

Based on this feedback and evidence on the ground, we are concentrating our morning fitness classes in Cheadle from six mornings per week to five mornings per week. There will no longer be a Thursday 10am morning fitness session. Instead, Wednesday morning will become Parkfit.

This means you can still train with us Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings in Cheadle.

In addition to this change, we are also returning our morning Abney Hall Park meeting point back to the Hall carpark itself, the same meeting point as all the evening fitness classes.

Friday nights are also changing at Bioticfit. This past two months we have been trialling two suggested class times at our Crossford Bridge, Sale Outdoor fitness venue. 6pm and 7.30pm. As Friday is our quietest night of training, we will keep these two options and remove Friday 6.30pm option from Cheadle. This way, the few that were attending Friday night fitness at Abney Hall still have two additional Friday night options.

Whilst we continue to grow in Sale, we will keep both the earlier and later suggested class times, which we will review again come the Fitness Season (October/November) Remember, this is your fitness community. Enjoy training at a particular time or enjoy particular fitness classes? Let us know, vote with your feet and keep spreading the word :) The more people joining the classes you love, the more we can consider putting more of those classes on!

Keep up the good work team and check the timetable if you are unsure.