Did you miss out on our £9.95 for 10 outdoor fitness session voucher? Or perhaps you have friends who just couldn’t make their minds up in time? Or maybe you were on of those people wishing the voucher extended to our outdoor fitness classes in Cheadle or Salford?

Well, we just simply don’t want anyone to miss out on changing the rest of their lives so we’re offering a completely free week of outdoor fitness training in Manchester!

arms together

When will the free week take place?

This free week of outdoor fitness classes, giving full access to our 23 classes each week in Manchester will begin Monday 14th October 2013 and finish on the Sunday 20th October 2013. You and your friends can attend any of the fitness classes, in any of our Greater Manchester locations, at any time… just follow the steps below!

How to redeem?

To take part in this free week of outdoor fitness training at any of our four Manchester outdoor fitness venues, including Stockport, Sale, Tameside and Salford you simply have to help us spread the word of this amazing offer!

You can do this by sharing our offer on facebook, which can be found simply by liking our facebook community page!

Or by following us and retweeting the offer from our twitter feed.

Or perhaps you don’t use social media at all, instead, just copy us into the email you circulate to all of your email contacts which includes the link to this offer!

It really is simple, free and takes less than a minute so get sharing, circulating, retweeting and talking about this very generous free week of outdoor fitness training between Monday 4th October 2013 and Sunday 20th October 2013. Remember, this offer includes our Cheadle, Audenshaw, Sale and Winton fitness parks!

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain!