Abfit Has Arrived! Free Abfit Home Workout Here

To celebrate the arrival of May’s new bolt on class Abfit I thought I’d treat you all to a mini abs blast workout you guys can try at home yourselves.

Abfit is a 30 minute bonus class which follows GetStartedFit on Thursday evenings at Abney Hall Park. The class, which will start at 2015, will be a great addition to your weekly fitness calendar and focuses purely on getting the burn on those stomach muscles. Whether you were at GetStartedFit or just fancy a hard blast on that area at the end of your day, it isn’t one to miss. Remember it’s all about that brew at the end too and an opportunity to meet people from different classes. If you are unsure of any of the exercises below, join the facebook community and post your questions or attend an Abfit class and see for yourself!.


Free Abfit Home Workout (the Plank overload)

30 seconds Plank position

30 seconds crunches

30 seconds Plank position

30 seconds leg raises

30 seconds Plank position

30 seconds russian twists

30 seconds Plank position

30 seconds full-v-sits

30 seconds rest

And repeat x2 for beginners, x3 for intermediates and x 5 for fitness veterans. Increase difficulty by holding a medicine ball or weight.