Some timetable tweaks from week beginning 12/08/13

Hello team Bioticfit! A big, massive thank you to everybody who contributed to our recent consultation regarding a few proposed timetable tweaks going forwards. Your feedback is so vital as we continue to try and shape our fitness community for the better and as discussed, the consequence of being open to trying and trialling so many different fitness class times and combinations is that those that don’t work will eventually have to make way so we can attempt new things!

So to announce the widely supported proposals I can confirm the following…

From this week onwards, CircuitFit at Abney Hall Park, Cheadle, previously listed as 6.15pm start will now officially start at 6.30pm! As agreed, this will hopefully eliminate that window from 6.15pm and 6.30pm where we are trying to start the class but people are still arriving. However, please try and consider to be here 10 minutes before the class starts so we can be ready to go at 6.30pm sharp. The Biotic Yoga session will be unaffected and still start as soon as CircuitFit has finished at 7.30pm.

Another change will be the merger between the quiet Sunday 10am Parkfit at Ryecroft Hall Park, Tameside and the Sunday 12pm Runfit at Abney Hall Park, Cheadle. Both fitness classes will now be merged into a Sunday 11.30am Parkfit at Ryecroft Hall Park, Tameside starting this Sunday. This removes clashing Sunday classes whilst providing a slightly later option for those who feel 10am on a Sunday is too early!

Decisions that are yet to be made include

– At Crossford Bridge, Sale, we have trialled a 6pm class start and a 7.30pm class start this month. 6pm has proven popular and whilst it is clear there is an appetite for a 7.30pm option, there aren’t enough people attending regularly enough to justify 3 classes, not until we have grown at Sale. Therefore, I am proposing to keep two 7.30pm options for now. Do we keep Monday, Wednesday or Friday? What is your view? If we keep Friday, that would allow us two Friday night options still if we allowed a night without classes at Abney Hall Park.

– At Abney Hall Park, Cheadle, we have persisted with 4 weekday morning sessions for two years but it is clear that we are a class too heavy. The busiest two of the week are Tuesday and Friday and the tough decision comes with whether to drop Wednesday or Thursday morning, replacing those classes with a single Parkfit class. Have you told us how you feel about this? If not, email me at

This is your fitness community team and your opinions will continue to help shape us as we move forwards. As always, the best way to support the classes you enjoy attending is to vote with your feet and to spread the word!