FAQ – Groupon Customers

A big warm welcome to our fitness community, from everyone here at Bioticfit, to all those who have purchased a living social voucher to enjoy 10 sessions of fitness training with outdoor fitness community between Monday 23rd September 2013 to Sunday 22nd December 2013!

Sometimes, voucher companies can be vague when representing what an  offer consists of so we have tried to be as helpful as possible by listing all of the key information below, from what the voucher consists of and what it entitles you to, right to how to redeem the voucher and start attending classes with us! If you have any further questions after reading this FAQ, please contact us at office@bioticfit.com.

What have I bought?

If you have bought a voucher with groupon, you have  bought a 10 session pass for one to attend a select number of fitness classes at our Bioticfit fitness community across Greater Manchester. The redemption period  starts 23rd September 2013 and ends 22nd December 2013.

Although we run 23 fitness classes per week across Greater Manchester in four different outdoor fitness locations (Stockport, Sale, Salford and Tameside) the voucher entitles you to sample a limited number of these classes per week at two of our outdoor fitness locations. The Groupon timetable is as follows.

Monday 6pm Parkfit – Crossford Bridge, Sale, Trafford

Monday 7.30pm Parkfit - Crossford Bridge, Sale, Trafford

Tuesday 7pm Parkfit - Ryecroft Hall, Audenshawe, Tameside

Wednesday 6pm Parkfit - Crossford Bridge, Sale, Trafford

Wednesday 7.30pm Parkfit - Crossford Bridge, Sale, Trafford

Thursday 7pm Parkfit - Ryecroft Hall, Audenshawe, Tameside

Friday 6pm Parkfit - Crossford Bridge, Sale, Trafford

Friday 7.30pm Parkfit - Crossford Bridge, Sale, Trafford

Sunday 11.30am Parkfit - Ryecroft Hall, Audenshawe, Tameside

The above are all of the classes available at Crossford Bridge, Sale and Ryecroft Hall Park, Tameside.

No other classes are available to Groupon customers, without upgrading to a full membership at Bioticfit.

If you would like to discuss upgrading, please discuss with your Bioticfit instructor after your first class and we may be able to waive joining fee, offer a 20% discount and ensure no minimum sign up period.

When must I redeem the voucher by?

Voucher must be redeemed  and used before the end date of 22nd December 2013. Any attempt to redeem or attend with the voucher after this date will unfortunately have to be rejected due to terms and conditions with Groupon.

How do I redeem my voucher?

Redemption of your voucher must be done in the following way. Email the names of all participants to office@bioticfit.com and include the voucher numbers. Please attach a copy of the voucher you have been sent by Groupon. Then await confirmation that your voucher has been successfully redeemed before attending your first class. No need to book, just turn up with your name and voucher code to the classes that are available during the period between 23rd September and 22nd December. Do not attempt to redeem vouchers via phone, facebook or any other media as due to the high volume, we will be unable to respond and keep track of who has correctly redeemed.

What do I do once I’ve redeemed the voucher?

Provided you receive confirmation that your voucher has been successfully redeemed, please wait until the period begins on Monday 23rd September before attending your first class. Remember to take either a copy of your voucher or the voucher number and give your name and voucher number to the instructor when registering at the class. No need to book individual classes, just turn up at your leisure! Make sure you only attend classes listed in the fine print on the Groupon voucher which are also listed above in this FAQ. You can attend any/ all of those 9 classes listed each week until you have used your 10 session voucher.

How can I best prepare for a session?

Turning up for a first time can be intimidating and often you can be confused about what to expect. We have written a handy guide which can be found here which explains how you can best prepare for a session and what you can expect! You can also speak to our current members on our online fitness community, just like the page and join the discussion! There are often instructors online too who can answer any specific questions you may have!

My friends missed the deal, can they get involved?

Of course! For every friend you bring for a complimentary taster session, we will also give you that session for free. If your friend gets onboard, all sessions during that month will not count towards your 10 sessions! We will also be running a FREE WEEK of fitness training soon, so keep an eye out on Facebook and twitter, as this week will also be free for those who share it and their friends! Lot’s to look forward to!

Are there more perks for becoming a full member?

Well, as well as the extra classes and locations you can attend (four outdoor fitness locations in Greater Manchester, 23 classes per week in total to choose from) we will also give you a 20% discount to our unlimited membership. No minimum sign up period, contracts or joining fees… just great fitness classes!

Welcome to our fitness community! I hope we can inspire you to make it your fitness community this year as we help you achieve all you wish to achieve from your fitness journey.