Celebrate 3 years of Bioticfit with a FREE WEEK of classes

Celebrate 3 years of Bioticfit Outdoor Fitness Classes in Manchester with a FREE WEEK of fitness classes this April!

Thank you to all the wonderful people we have trained over the past 3 years across Manchester for getting us to this point! It has been amazing to see all of your results, from weight loss to personal bests being achieved! Most importantly, it’s been amazing seeing all the friendships that have been forged!

To celebrate, we are allowing all ex-members and all those who have never experienced the awesomeness of our outdoor fitness sessions to join us in a completely free week of outdoor fitness classes at any of our greater manchester locations at the end of this month.

This free week of fitness commences on Saturday 19th April and climaxes with our third birthday celebration night out and meal which all members, new and old are welcome to get involved in!

To redeem this free week of fitness at any of our four outdoor fitness venues, simply share our pinned Facebook post detailing the offer www.facebook.com/bioticfit and tag three friends you think could benefit from getting involved in the friendliest fitness community in town!