Blog – It’s all about Cross Training!

The Benefits of Cross Training

Blog by Neil Gallagher, Bioticfit

The idea for this fitness blog came from none other than Albert Einstein himself. Every day thousands of people lace up their trainers and run that same 3 mile loop, or do the
same circuit on the same machines at the gym, all in an effort to get fitter, or lose a bit of weight. They go to the same studio based fitness classes and perform the same workout routines, the same exercises, the same weights…

What’s old Al got to do with all this? Well, he defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

But why should you change it up? Well, if you don’t, you’ll stop making those improvements you are working so hard for. Your body is wonderfully well-organized when it becomes used to an exercise program. It finds the most energy efficient way to complete the exercise, thus reducing the calorie burn for the same activity over time. So to improve, or even simply maintain your current levels of fitness, requires you to mix up your training! For example, as a runner, you could go further, go faster, or cross train by swimming, biking, strength training, etc. We see this all the time with the runners in our fitness community and the personal bests they consistently achieve.

Not convinced yet? Well a varied program will give us some great benefits. The biggest of all being that it’s more likely to help you achieve your desired results. It provides muscle confusion, forcing progression by stimulating a response from the body that says “I’ve not done this before, so next time, I better be prepared by improving now.”

Secondly, the more varied the exercise program, the more muscle activation there’ll be, from prime movers, (the main muscle groups) and the stabilizing muscles which will improve all over strength, and also provide us with possibly our most important benefit of all.

A cross-training program will help reduce injuries, as we focus on the whole range of fitness attributes, and never on one specific aspect. You can see this at the top of the tree with professional athletes. For example, no longer will a boxer just box to improve his overall condition. He’ll dance to improve his timing and rhythm, he’ll do ballet to improve his balance, form and posture. He’ll do gymnastics to improve his core, his stabilisers, his strength… athletics to improve speed, agility and fast twitch accelleration. A strength and conditioning programme including progressive weights to build the strength of his muscles, as well as more functional and explosive power moves to make him punch harder. Yoga to relax, stretch and prevent injuries as well as controlling his breathing. Just a few examples of cross fitness training at the top!

This is what Bioticfit is all about. We vary every session, so you’ll never do the same thing twice, and we focus on all those different aspects of training and fitness. It keeps it fun for our members, but importantly, it keeps it effective! Of course, we work on strength, and our cardiovascular capabilities, but we also work on flexibility, biomechanics, core stability, speed, agility, technique and form. We have a team of young, enthusiastic outdoor fitness experts, who all have different backgrounds, different areas of expertise, from military style training, to martial arts, kettlebells and more. We are always aiming to get better, to make sure you get the most from your training, so come down to Bioticfit and enjoy a complimentary session on us, and see how far you could go!

You have nothing to lose. And as Albert Einstein would say, you’d be insane not to!