Blog – Forget a gym contract, get fit outside!

Blog by Neil Gallagher

Why do we train outside?

As a child, do you remember coming in from school and immediately being pushed back out the door to go play outside “because it’s good for you” mum would say! Turns out mum knew what she was talking about!

It’s all too tempting to join a gym these days; they have air-conditioning, hot showers, TV’s! But what if I told you that spending hours in the gym wasn’t the way to better health?

Just one outdoor fitness session in any weather could leave you feeling revitalised, with increased energy levels and decreased levels of tension, stress, and simply happier overall! These numerous benefits have been confirmed in countless studies over the last few years and confirmed in a review by the
Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry last year. Their review looked at 11 different trials sampling well over 800 people.

Here at Bioticfit we maximise that engagement, with varied sessions and our team ethic, to make sure you enjoy every session and as a result keep coming back. When you keep coming back, you are more likely to reach your goals and when you move toward your goals, you get that positive
engagement and enjoy the classes. It’s one huge positive cycle!

So forget the gym, forget 12 month contracts, forget the mind-numbingly boring workouts and get fit, get Bioticfit!

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