Bioticfit September Newsletter – Bring a friend, get a free T-Shirt!

Welcome to September Bioticfitters!

It might not have been the Sunniest August but it’s been another busy month for us at Abney Hall! Well done to everyone who has been getting stuck into our cross fitness training programme. It’s amazing to see so many of you getting great fitness and feel good benefits from being part of this fitness community in such a short period of time.

August has seen many of you chillout and hit various corners of the globe on your holidays, but don’t be nervous about returning! Everyone needs a break and I would in fact recommend such relaxation as part of any periodisation progressive programme! So think of it like that, don your fitness gear and get stuck in again. Luckily for us, we don’t lose fitness that quickly!

August has also given us many Bioticfitter gatherings, from rockclimbing to our Bank Holiday night out in Didsbury. All gatherings have been a huge success! Remember, being part of something positive and surrounding yourself with other people also on a similiar positive journey is no bad thing and will help encourage you to turn up and train time after time. If you’d like to see something organised or have ideas for our fitness community, please get on the Bioticfit Facebook Community Group and make your suggestions. It’s great to see so many of you already discussing a Bioticfitter Christmas Party! The date/venue has not been finalised yet so get online and have your say!

August also saw the expiry of the Groupon Voucher for those who hadn’t managed to attend as of yet. If you have already attended class, remember, you are part of this team now and are free to use up your remaining sessions before getting onboard with the gang!

Remember that getting onboard is easy! No joining fees, no minimum contracts and no direct debits – just a standing order or transfer on the 1st of each month you wish to get fit and have fun!

So What Do Bioticfitters Have to Look Forward to in September??

September is a great month for training as many of you return from holidays and the kids go back to school, allowing us to focus on some us time! It is also starting to cool down, which is great for performing in outdoor training! We’re finally reaching the fitness season that allows us a clear run at our goals – Oct till Feb, definitely the best time to train outdoors! There have been a few minor worries from various members about how best to prepare for training as it gets darker and cooler.

Luckily for you guys, there are some easy tips in how to get the most of training during the fitness season.

  • Remember, you are under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor! The way the classes are run do change, with us sticking to well lit areas that have been properly inspected before your sessions. No running off around dark tracks, we stick together now!
  • I’m lit up like a Christmas tree! Some of you will already have seen me in the later classes with various lights, torches and reflectors. Though the ambient light is sufficient, there’s no need to take the chance!
  • Your own preparation for the session! Luckily for us, no matter how cold it gets, you will all soon warm up during the session. I advise you keep your arms and legs covered and invest in some trailrunner style trainers. Perhaps bring some waterproof sealskin gloves for militaryfit/getstartedfit sessions and ensure your wrap up and are well fed before/after training. Bring dry clothes, plastic bags and carseat covers just in case.
  • More classes! I will be looking at opening more class options going into October to make it even easier for everyone to make training, not harder, including potential classes earlier in the evening and indoor options too!

I will issue everyone a guide soon including deals on the best equipment 😀

More classes??

That’s right, more classes! But in order to do this, I really do require your help! Remember, as a fitness community we have no far away offices in London or elsewhere directing how we want Bioticfit to be. It’s down to us!  I will be following up this email with a consultation to see exactly what you Bioticfitters want to see happen at Abney Hall in the next few months. In order to open these new classes, it’s also important that you guys continue to spread the word and bring friends, colleagues and strangers for a free trial class… on that note…

Bring A Friend – Get a Free T-Shirt – will be extending into September! Most have gone so do get out and make an effort to spread the word. I have plenty of leaflets guys so just ask after a classes. With the kids going back to school, what a great opportunity to encourage other parents to get onboard!

I hope this email finds everyone feeling great, fit and ready for the fitness season.

I look forward to seeing you all at our Park soon!

James x