Bioticfit August Newsletter – spread the word, get a free T-shirt

Spread the word Bioticfitters!

That’s the message to the team as we get really stuck into August 😀

I hope all our Bioticfitters, veterans and new members of the gang alike are feeling positive, motivated and loving being a part of this dynamic and friendly fitness community. Our team of keepfitters are ever growing as the word spreads about our wonderful, varied and effective cross training fitness programme! Hopefully, by delivering you guys a fun, social and addictive way of breaking down the usual barriers to training, the word will continue to spread as you try and encourage friends, families, colleagues and complete strangers to try a positive addition to theirlifestyles.

Remember, as our fitness fraternity grows, it is my mission to keep delivering you more classes, more often with more choice to make it as easy for you to attend training sessions you love and feel the benefit from as regular as your time management allows. The more people you introduce to our team, the more achievable our mission will be!

Already, some Bioticfitters are reaping the AMAZING reward of getting out there and bringing their friends to a free trial class, strutting their stuff in our terrifically trendy Bioticfit t-shirts. Bring a friend before the end of August and get yourself a free t-shirt!

Spreading the word

Here are hopefully a few helpful ways of growing our team!

  • Bring a friend for a free trial – Everyone must know atleast one person they can convince to come and give a trial class a go. It’s free, what have they got to lose! (and you have a t-shirt to gain!
  • Bioticfit leaflets/loyalty cards – If anyone knows any place, businesses or even neighbours and houses they feel leaflets could be effectively distributed then please feel free to help yourself at the end of classes! The more we do together, the more classes we can get going!
  • Organise a corporate rate with work – I’m more than happy to offer corporate discounts for workplaces which promote a healthy lifestyle to it’s staff. Things like a mention on staff email/newsletters/intranets… or even as simple as allowing leaflets in staff rooms or on notice boards will do. Just get your HR departments to get in touch and save two months membership per year!
  • Group together! – Corporate rates are no just for businesses and public service staff! Get a group of 10 friends together and make a collective saving of £600 per year!
  • Social networks – get your friends curious by checking in at Bioticfit on facebook and tweeting/tagging us after your classes. Feedback is always really appreciated and there is no better way than getting you guys to chat about your keepfit experiences on our facebook group.

Bioticfit Facebook Takeover Night – Sunday 14th August 2011 @7pm

Getting together on facebook is a great way of communicating and encouraging fellow Bioticfitters on their fitness adventures, as well as introducing others to a friendly fitness community. On Sunday 14th August @ approx 7pm, Bioticfitters will be asked to take over facebook – posting a link to our facebook group and website in their statuses as well as commenting on why you love being a part of the revolution!

Bioticfitter organised social events

As always, surrounding yourself with positive people who are also trying to make a positive change towards a healthier more active lifestyle is no bad thing. Being part of a fitness community is a chance to get involved in activities that you might not usually engage in, so do try and get involved.

Upcoming events include

  • Indoor Rock Climbing – Friday 19th August @7pm – Salford Watersports Centre – Contact Carol Li
  • Nutrition Workshop – Saturday 17th September @4.30pm – Location TBC – Contact Jenny Peers

There are plenty of runs, races and adventures races posted regularly by Bioticfitters so do try and get involved. We also had a great get together on Saturday night in the Northern Quarter and are keen to organise a drinkfit again very soon!

I hope this email finds everybody well, feeling fitter, stronger, happier and healthier! As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me on this email address or speak to me at class. I’m always happy to answer your questions!

Many thanks gang… and remember, this month, spread the word!