Attending your first session? Some handy tips!

Attending a fitness class for the first time can be daunting!

How hard will it be? Will I look stupid? Am I wearing the right clothes? Where do we meet?

Hopefully I will try and answer some of these questions for all you first timers now!

First of all, don’t be nervous! The great thing about Bioticfit is that it’s a fitness community . Every single person that attends our classes went through those exact same emotions at some point. You really aren’t alone and everyone in the class will not only be understanding, but motivating and encouraging. That’s what being part of a fitness community is all about! The first step is often the hardest, but although you have an instructor that aims to push you, I am also (hopefully) understanding.

All you can ever ask of yourself is to give it your all and no matter where your 100% may be, if you put in that 100% you will feel soooo rewarded when you have completed the class and all those little endorphins start their mad dash around your system carrying little flags with your names on them. Go you!

Ofcourse, when you email me with your worries and concerns, I am more than happy to reassure you that you are not only going to be fine, but that you will have a great time and that you have much to look forward to. But often the best people to speak to are those who have been in your shoes! Nervous and unknowing before attending the first session. Speak to those people. Get yourself on that bioticfit facebook page and ask the questions you want answering. I’m sure there are many in this supportive community who would be more than happy to answer!

First things first. After checking the class timetable and deciding which session or time suits you best, fill in the website form for your first session here to receive an email containing some information and a health questionnaire for you to fill out and bring to the session. Please fill out completely and clearly and be honest about any injuries you may have or conditions that might affect your training. It’s important your instructor knows so they can take good care of you. If you are unsure about whether any of these conditions might affect your training, do consult a doctor before considering any fitness class.

In Cheadle, we meet by the Hall itself at Abney Park, through the entrance opposite the Alexander Hospital and up to the top carpark. Please filter into  spaces furthest away from the entrance for ease of access, although if you would prefer a quick get away, park at the carpark near the entrance and walk down there after the session. For the weekday mornings, we meet at the entrance on the left. For the indoor classes, please enter via Newlands road to access to Scout and Guides centre where we do our indoor classes!

At Winton Park, we meet on Sutherland Street. There is parking on the street, but do be mindful of local residents and try to avoid parking directly outside peoples houses.

At Ryecroft Hall Park in Tameside, we meet by the Hall itself, just find some parking and come and find your instructor, we’ll be there waiting for you!

Do bring some warm and dry clothing and perhaps even a towel for before and after the session. Although you won’t need those extra layers during the class (unless you are doing abfit or flexifit) it will be important to prevent the body from cooling down too quickly post exercise.

It is important that you also attend well hydrated and sensibly fed! I carry emergency water for during the session but unless conditions demand it, we continue through the full hour. If you have questions over the term sensible, please use me on the facebook group to ask those questions.

Sensible footwear is also to be advised, to prevent slipping, injuries, poor form, lack of foot/ankle support, shin splints and impact to the joints. The best footwear for park training are the trail running style of trainers. Again, the best people to ask are the members themselves who come and train here each week!

Please remove all watches and jewellery and anything that might catch and injure yourself or a partner before you attend the class. Many of you might like to attend blinged up and able to see the time tick down during militaryfit, but for safety reasons I ask you to strip them off!

Those with long hair might want to consider tieing their hair up sensible too!

Do try and attend well in advance of the session start time (I’d recommend 10-15 minutes) as it gives us plenty of time to give safety briefings and ensures you are all in full attendence of the warm up.

And most importantly… bring change for the post session brew/bevvie clubs! The best part about being part of a fitness community is that it is a community! It’s always great to meet new people interested in making a positive change to their lives, no matter where they are on that ladder. It’s a great opportunity to ask questions you want answering about your own health, fitness and nutrition of which I am always more than happy to answer (often for quite some time)

I invite you all to really get involved in being a part of this fitness revolution in Greater Manchester and making your local fitness community shape up into exactly what you want it to be. See you at the park soon!

James x