10 reasons to start Bioticfit TODAY!

10 reasons to start Greater Manchester’s fastest growing, friendliest outdoor fitness class community!

1) Completely complimentary taster session with no catches, so no excuse not to see what the fuss is about!

2) No joining fees or minimum sign up periods – we don’t believe in that rubbish! If the classes are great then you’ll keep coming!

3) We run classes every day of the week at times to suit difficult and busy lifestyles, mornings, evenings and weekends. Check out our extensive timetable!

4) We are also located in four locations around Greater Manchester, all easily accessible from the M60. Which park is most convenient for you?

5) None of our classes are ever the same. Not only do we cover everything from military style fitness to yoga, from circuit training to running coaching but we are not a franchised class model with set routines. The instructors get to know everyone at the classes and tailor them to the groups needs. These are mixed ability classes so it’s about giving your best, nothing more, nothing less!

6) Great value! Nowhere will you find access for so many classes (over 100 per month) for so little. We really want there to be no excuses!

7) Meet people and make friends! Bioticfit is all about meeting people, we go for drinks after sessions, meet up for trips and events and arrange a variety of social events! Because if you like the people you train with, you’re more likely to train!

8) The very highest standards of outdoor fitness instructor! We’re not some rubbishy bootcamp with screaming instructors. Whilst we’re the very best at motivating you to do more than you felt was achievable, we are there to look after you on your fitness journey, maintain form and safety and progress you! You’re in safe hands!

9) We run all year around, whatever the weather! The instructors are trained to ensure that whatever the conditions, you are completely safe and looked after.

10) It works! Because it’s cross fitness training, we keep the body, as well as the mind, always guessing! Therefore, it is always working hard to develop in preparation for the next session, through a process called muscle confusion. Whether your goals are to lose weight/fat and tone up, or to get a personal best in a race or even just to feel better and get fitter, Bioticfit will get you results fast, through a combination of fab classes and expert advice!

So what are you waiting for, join today!