bioticGYM Prices

Get Your Journey Started with bioticGYM

Take a look around!

Curious as to what is going on at the bioticGYM? Arrange to take a look around and have your questions answered by one of our team. Just email and we’ll book you in to talk you through the facility, classes and membership.

Try it out!

Alternatively, you might want to get stuck in from the start and either try the gym or our classes. We have a£10 drop in fee for the gym facilities and a £10 fee for the circuit, strength and conditioning (CSC) classes. Your first trial CSC group session is completely FREE! Decide that you like it? There are discounts available for signing up within 24 hours,

How much is your membership?

We offer different membership and costs to suit your needs.

  • bioticGYM drop-in (no membership required) – £10
  • bioticGYM CSC group session drop-in (no membership required) – £10
  • bioticGYM Full Facility Pass (FFP) – £30 per month
  • bioticGYM CSC Group Programme membership – £50 per month (add FFP for £10 per month)
  • bioticGYM ULTIMATE package (includes CSC group programme, access to bioticGYM during GYM hours, a personalised fitness and nutrition plan with monthly one to one consultations and progress assessments AND unlimited membership to Bioticfit Outdoor Fitness classes – £70 per month or £700 per year

bioticYOGA prices.

bioticYOGA is an independent class option that operates separate of our above memberships. However, those with CSC class membership and ultimate package members receive a 50% discount on bioticYOGA drop-ins.

  • bioticYOGA drop-in (no membership required) – £6
  • bioticYOGA drop-in (with 50% membership discount) – £3