James Clark PT

James Clark is one of the UK’s most exciting upcoming fitness and lifestyle gurus and founder of Bioticfit. His desire to establish an inspiring and motivating ‘way of life’ attitude to health and fitness has culminated in the building of a unique, dynamic and encouraging fitness community. Infectious, passion-pitted  training sessions individually designed to get the most out of any fitness level and a proven pallet of courses and syllabus guaranteed to get result, James is truly about inspiring his clients to be the best they can be.

Outdoor Fitness and Nutrition Expert

Outdoor Fitness and Nutrition Expert

“Time for me to personally welcome you to BioticFit! My name is James and it’s my personal passion to try and get you all fitter, stronger, happier and healthier! So let me tell you a little about me!

I am NOT a naturally fit person. I look back and think of all the PE classes I tried to avoid as well as all the times I tried and felt like fitness was beyond me. I remember coming 138th out of 142 runners in cross country at primary school. I remember being substituted in school sports games, not because of ability, but because of lack of fitness.

I remember trialling for my local football team and the disappointment of being told I just couldn’t run whilst my friends sprinted themselves into the squad. But there are always disappointments in life and it’s how you respond that moulds you and I started riding my bike, swimming on Saturday morning, attending every training session and supporting that team wherever they travelled until I got my chance and took it.

It was through this endeavour I learnt that no matter what barriers life places in front of you, if you want something there is always a way.

I took this attitude into my spell in the military and despite some hard times in difficult conditions the experience has contributed to who I am today.

It made me realise that I wanted to positively change peoples lives. I know how hard it can be and it is a precious and delicate moment when somebody approaches you with a little hope that you can make a difference. It is a small window of opportunity to inspire that person that anything is possible, that it doesn’t have to be hard. It can be fun, enjoyable and effective. Helping somebody become all that they can be and ultimately happy and confident in themselves and what they can achieve is truly the best job in the world.

So I am looking forward to meeting you all, no matter what your goals, no matter where you are on that ladder or journey.”

James Clark, Founder Bioticfit 2010


  • CYQ Gym/Fitness Instructor Level 2
  • CYQ Client Appraisal Level 3
  • CYQ Training in Different Environments (outdoor fitness specialist) Level 3
  • CYQ Nutrition and weight management Level 3
  • CYQ Advanced Fitness Instructor Level 3
  • CYQ Personal Trainer Level 3

Experience – James has been a fitness trainer and nutritionist for a number of years now, starting his fitness career as a gym instructor fitness trainer, before moving to Manchester and becoming fitness manager in a leading Manchester Gym as well as an outdoor fitness manager for the UK’s leading outdoor fitness and bootcamp provider. Over this time, through many case studies he has built a fantastic personal training and nutrition client base in Cheshire and a reputation and after ending his time as area manager for the South Manchester bootcamp company, has set up his own cross fitness training outdoor health club in Cheadle. For reviews check here.